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Equine Rehabilitation Center


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Equine Rehabilitation Center

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Swim Demonstration

In this video, Karin M. Kohl, adjunct instructor, Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), Master Equinology® Equine Body Worker (MEEBW), Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CERP), and manager of the Morrisville State College Equine Rehabilitation Center (MSCERC) narrates a demonstration on how and why the center’s swimming pool is used to treat equine athletes.

The swimming pool at the MSCERC is a concrete pool, measuring 25ft wide, 50ft long and 14ft deep.  The pool holds 110,000 gallons of water.  Swimming provides the opportunity to be exercised without concussion on the limbs.  Swimming provides several benefits for purposes of conditioning including: improvement or maintenance of muscle tone and cardiopulmonary capacity, and cross-training for track conditioning.  Swimming may also be used for strengthening, and post-operative rehabilitation. 

The swimming pool is just one of many treatment modalities available to the horses at the MSCERC, and is often just one part of a horse’s overall treatment plan.  To learn more about the services offered at the MSCERC, visit their website:

Equine Rehabilitation Center

After nearly a decade of planning and fundraising, the Morrisville State College Equine Rehabilitation Center (MSCERC) welcomed its first horses in September 2011. The modern facility offers equipment and rehabilitation techniques to keep healthy horses conditioned and to help injured equine athletes recover post injury or post-surgery.