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Equine Rehabilitation Center

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Underwater treadmill demonstration

In this video, Mike Bednarek, Licensed Veterinary Technician (VLT) and assistant manager of the Morrisville State College Equine Rehabilitation Center (MSCERC) narrates a demonstration of how the center’s underwater treadmill works, as well as how and why it is used in the treatment and conditioning of equine athletes.

An underwater treadmill is a machine designed to rehabilitate and condition horses.  The treadmill is installed within a chamber that is subsequently filled with water.  The underwater treadmill is used for the rehabilitation of tendon and ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, strengthening muscles (In particular those in the back and hind quarter), weight management, and conditioning.  The water height, treadmill speed, and duration can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the horse utilizing it.

The underwater treadmill is just one of many treatment modalities available to the horses at the MSCERC, and is often just one part of a horse’s overall treatment plan.  To learn more about the services offered at the MSCERC, visit their website:

Equine Rehabilitation Center

After nearly a decade of planning and fundraising, the Morrisville State College Equine Rehabilitation Center (MSCERC) welcomed its first horses in September 2011. The modern facility offers equipment and rehabilitation techniques to keep healthy horses conditioned and to help injured equine athletes recover post injury or post-surgery.