Equine Programs

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The Morrisville State College breeding and hunt seat facility has a modern classroom and lab facility conveniently located within the barn itself. Students attend classes on horse nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and breeding within this classroom.

Students in the breeding program use the attached lab to learn proper techniques for preparing AVs, collection, and shipping. Collections are shipped to clients and used within Morrisville's equine programs.

Equine Programs

The Equine Science degrees at Morrisville State College are designed to further the technical and business knowledge and skills of equine students. A bachelor degree in Equine Science and associate degrees in Equine Science and Management and Equine Racing Management are offered. The range of courses offered in these programs supplies practical experience in handling horses as well as quality academic opportunities. The equine programs also provide students with the opportunity to concentrate on breeding, training, nutrition, and management specifically with horses, rather than with a generalized group of livestock.

Courses ranging from Equine Business Management to Applied Equine Nutrition to Animal Genetics allow students to advance academically and specialize in very specific areas of the horse industry, including Equine Science and Management (hunt seat, stock seat, or driving concentration), Breeding Management or Racing Management (harness racing, thoroughbred racing, or business management).

The equine curriculum focuses on the development of industry skills including care and training of horses, riding, driving, breeding and business and stable management. Students also remain actively involved with enterprise management and continue to work hands–on with the animals. The focal points of the program are courses in Advanced Equine Specializations in breaking and training and horsemanship, plus an internship or international exchange program.

For students with an interest in harness or thoroughbred racing, Morrisville State College's Equine Racing Management program can provide direct entry into these exciting fields. The program emphasizes hands-on participation in the breaking, care, training, conditioning and racing of standardbreds and thoroughbreds. Students work one-on-one with assigned horses. Upon successful completion of the United States Trotting Association driver/training test and other mandated requirements, students are able to race those horses on the New York county fair circuit or amateur driving events at a local pari-mutuel track.

In addition to gaining hands-on experience, students are exposed to a core of other horse-specific courses, including Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Equine Health and Lameness, Equine Nutrition, Equine Breeding, Farm and Stable Management, Artificial Insemination, Fitting and Marketing of the Equine and Horse Husbandry.