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Metal Mustang

The MET Metal Mustang is a project completed by Mechanical Engineering Technology students as part of their studies. This three-wheeled electric cart is used at Morrisville sporting events and was designed, fabricated, and assembled by MET students. The Metal Mustang features a compressed air T-shirt launcher, LED lights, and an electric motor and throttle system.


The Mechanical Engineering Technology A.A.S. program prepares graduates to enter industry and apply a basic knowledge of mathematics and science to the design, testing, manufacture, and marketing of a product, most likely mechanical in nature. The technical skills taught in the program are hands-on and utilize industry standard and state-of-the-art equipment.

The curriculum has several core courses in humanities, social sciences and sciences. Speaking, technical writing, reading, and computer skills are stressed in many of the technical courses. This broad yet technically based curriculum prepares graduates to apply and fully understand engineering and scientific principles, analyze outcomes, and to be creative in planning new procedures or processes.