Scheduling on the Web

Web for Students

Important Steps:

Review your Degree Works audit and print a copy to bring to your appointment with your advisor, who will review your audit and program requirements with you, help you complete and sign the course request form and supply you with your Schedule PIN (personal identification number) which will be needed to sign on to the Web-based schedule site. **

Be sure that you have the course, subject code, section number and CRN (course reference number) for both your initial course schedule and all alternate courses so you can quickly select classes once you are on-line.

Check with your advisor before changing a course. If you drop a course needed for graduation or for a prerequisite, it may cause problems in the long term and could lengthen your time until graduation.

Remember, you must be scheduled for a minimum of 12 credits to be a full-time student. If you are unable to schedule for at least 12 credits because of closed courses, see your advisor to solve the problem because it will jeopardize housing, financial aid, insurance, bills, etc.

* Remember, the final responsibility for meeting your program requirements rests with you!

** Please note that the registrar's office cannot provide you with your Schedule PIN.

Scheduling Information



The fall and winter schedules will be available on the web February 19, 2018

Students will have access to online registration according to the following schedule:

Total Number of Credit Hours (includes in progress courses) Access to online scheduling
Veterans Friday, February 23
Greater that 90 Credit hours Monday, February 26
Greater than 60 credit hours Wednesday, February 28
Greater than 45 credit hours Monday, March 12
Greater than 30 credit hours Wednesday, March 14
All other students Friday, March 16

Access to the online scheduler for spring will end August 30, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. After this date you will be able to see and print your schedule on-line, but all course add/drops must be started in your school office.  

*Follow every step in order

  1. Go to the Web For Students Login Page
  2. Read information on screen, then click on Login button
  3. Enter your USER ID (your SSN)
  4. Enter your general PIN
  5. Click the LOGIN Button (if you have never used this system before, you may be prompted to create a new PIN)
  6. Read the terms of usage and then click on AFFIRM AND ADVANCE. Note that this page will only display the first time you sign-on to the system
  7. Click on STUDENT AND FINANCIAL AID (this will take you to the Student Main Menu)
  8. Click on SCHEDULING
  9. Click on SELECT TERM
  10. Select the semester for which you are scheduling
  11. Click on SUBMIT TERM
  12. Click on ADD OR DROP CLASSES
  13. Enter your ALTERNATE PIN (assigned to you by your advisor)
  14. Click on SUBMIT PIN
  15. Follow the instructions on screen. 
  16. For each course, enter the CRN* of the course and then click on SUBMIT CHANGES
  17. After you click on submit changes, scroll down on the screen to check the status of the courses you have selected. A link error message means you must schedule for both lecture and lab for this course
  18. Click on RETURN TO MENU
  19. At this point, you may print your schedule if you wish.**
  20. If your schedule is acceptable, print both versions of your schedule
  21. To exit scheduling properly, you MUST:
    1.) Scroll to top right of screen and click EXIT
    2.) At the top left corner of your browser, click on FILE and click on EXIT from the choices given

*If you do not know the CRN of a course, click on LOOK UP CLASSES TO ADD or CLASS SEARCH. Add criteria for the search, keeping your search as broad as possible; i.e. subject or course number. Scroll to the bottom and click GET CLASSES.

**Printing a weekly schedule will show classes scheduled only during that particular week. Printing a detailed schedule will show all scheduled classes for the term.