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Introduction to Smile Design...Why some smiles look right and others are a fright!

Why do some "smile makeovers" scream FAKE to you from across the room, while others are barely detectable, even to the trained eye? What is being missed in the former and achieved in the latter? Success depends on design elements that are determined long before your lab technician pours a single model. Understanding these elements and the principles behind them are the first step towards consistently providing natural looking reconstructions that are as healthy and durable as they are attractive.

Course Objectives
Upon completing this lecture, attendees should be able to:
1. understand historical and current smile design principles and put them to use
2. document the information critical to success
3. properly determine shade parameters
4. communicate effectively with the lab

Scientific Basis
Bonded porcelain restorations, both full and partial coverage, in both anterior and posterior teeth, have been successfully placed since the 1980s. With recent advances in materials, manufacturing and adhesives, these restorations can be used in nearly every case to ensure a successful treatment outcome which is both highly esthetic and functionally durable.

Benefits and Risks
Practitioner and patient must both stay aware that functional considerations are key in assuring long term success of these highly esthetic restorations. Providing protection from parafunction is often a needed component upon case completion. Utilizing a dental laboratory with significant Prosthodontic training can be instrumental in gaining a favorable outcome when starting to provide this type of service.

References are noted throughout the lecture, these being documented in course handouts.

This course is intended for general practitioners interested in adding highly esthetic smile makeovers to the services they offer.

Instructors: Robert Yetto, DDS
Price: $90.00
Date: October 17, 2012
Time: 6 - 9 pm
Location: Norwich Campus
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