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Community Education Courses

Win-Win Practice Transitions:Maximize Value, Minimize Risk

For general dentists and specialists contemplating an associateship, practice buy-in or merger, partnership, practice sale or purchase, entity formation or retirement, and their spouses, staff and financial and legal advisors.
At the completion of the program, you should be able to:
1.Define yourr transition options 2.Develop a Strategic Transition Plan 3.Understand practice valuation and purchase price financing 4.Evaluate and plan acquisitional mergers for entrepreneurial growth 5.Protect and enhance goodwill value for both Buyer and Seller 6.Structure win-win associate, partnership and purchase agreements 7.Comply with regulatory requirements 8.Reduce exposure to legal and financial risks Win-Win Practice Transitions presents case reviews to analyze issues every dentist must confront in his or her pursuit of personal and professional practice goals at times of transition. It imparts the level of knowledge required to competently enter into preliminary discussions regarding prospective opportunities, collaborate efficiently with advisors, and understand the rights, duties and liabilities created in the process. This information will allow both buyers and sellers, along with their advisors, staff and families to maximize the value and transfer of patient goodwill, minimize the legal and financial risks involved and enable each to achieve personal and professional success as they define it.

Instructors: Chester J. Gary, DDS, JD
Price: $90.00
Date: November 28, 2012
Time: 6 - 9 pm
Location: Norwich Campus
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