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Community Education Courses

Where Dentistry Leads Medicine: Osseointegrating Implants and Busting Infectious Biofilms

Restorative dentistry has been revolutionized by the development of Dental Implants, which succeed as tooth replacements for the lifetime of the patient on the basis of a phenomenon called osseointegration. The actual mechanisms of osseointegration, although not well known even within dentistry, are hardly known at all by physicians in related professions such as orthopedic surgery where the same basic science and biomechanics principles could improve performance of artificial hips, knees, and spinal segments. Similarly, dental science has developed an effective FDA-approved oral rinse that eliminates bacterial plaque without requiring the use of antibiotics, while medical science still struggles with 50% incidence of catheter-based infections, purulent wounds, otitis media, exacerbated Cystic Fibrosis, and increasing microbial resistance to antibiotics. Who are the real doctors now?

Benefits of Attending

1.Learn how osseointegration actually works, and the concerns you should have when selecting your next supply of Dental Implants.
2.Learn how the principles of osseointegration can benefit people needing new artificial limbs and functional prosthetics.
3.Learn about a mouthwash that breaks down dental plaque by coagulating the bacterial slimes without killing anything, allowing simple rinsing to detach the biofilm deposits.

Instructors: Robert Baier, PhD, PE
Price: $90.00
Date: September 19, 2012
Time: 6 - 9 pm
Location: Norwich Campus
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