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Together we are able to:

  • attract and retain the best faculty;
  • provide students with one of the largest merit-based scholarship programs offered by any of the 64 campuses making up the SUNY system (last year alone students received 552 MCF scholarships); and
  • construct, maintain, and equip state-of-the-art facilities.

Know that with each gift you make to the Morrisville College Foundation, you are having a direct, profound, and measurable impact on the quality of education offered at SUNY Morrisville. In turn, you are also improving the quality of life enjoyed by our students and their families. Thank you again for including the Morrisville College Foundation in your annual charitable giving.

When you thoughtfully include the Morrisville College Foundation in your charitable giving, you are supporting...

  • More than 550 meritorious and grateful students each year who receive MCF scholarships and awards!
  • Hundreds of exciting projects (like the following examples) that SUNY Morrisville could not have otherwise undertaken without your incredible generosity. These projects make it possible for SUNY Morrisville to attract the best students and provide them with a truly competitive edge over other graduates. Thank you.

If you have any questions please contact the Morrisville College Foundation.