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Math Placement


In order to determine the best math class for you in the upcoming semester and build your schedule, you will need to take the Morrisville State College Mathematics Placement TestAll incoming freshman and transfer students are required to take the Math Placement Exam unless they have received transfer credit for one of the following MSC courses: MATH 102, MATH 103, MATH 147, MATH 151, MATH 152, MATH 161 or MATH 162. 

For students accepted for the Spring term, you will be able to access the exam starting in October.  For Fall students, it will be accessible starting in February.

How does the test work?

The placement test has four parts.  All students begin with Part I.  Depending on your performance, you may or may not be prompted to progress to subsequent parts.  If you don't know how to complete a problem, leave it blank.  Guessing may lead to poor placement.  At the completion of the test, you will be provided with a total score that indicates the number of questions you answered correctly.

How many times can I take it?

You may take the test up to two times.  The highest score of your two attempts will be used.  You must complete each attempt in one sitting.

Do I use a calculator?

The test was designed to be completed without the use of a calculator.  Use of a calculator may inflate your score and possibly place you in a course that is above your ability level.

How is my math placement ultimately determined?

Your best score, along with review of your transcript, will be used for your initial placement in a math class.  Please take this test seriously and try your hardest so you are placed in a mathematics course that is the most appropriate fit for your background and ability.  It is unethical, and not in your best interest to receive help from others.

Practice Questions

The following documents contain questions that are available for students to practice for the Mathematics Placement Test in the areas of Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and College Algebra/Pre-Calculus.  Answers are provided at the end of each set of questions for students to check their work.

How do I complete the test?

Math Placement Instructions

Please read the above instructions on how to find and complete the math placement exam.  You must read the instructions to find the username and password for the test.

After reading the instructions, click on the following link to log in to the exam.  Historically, students have completed the test in less than two hours.

Math Placement Log In: 

Where do I get more help?

If you do not have reliable internet access, experience technical difficulties during the test, or have any other concerns, contact the Admissions Department at or call 315-684-6046 for assistance.