2020 Campus Construction Schedule

Crawford Bathroom Renovation – May 2020 start

This project is a total reconfiguration and renovation of all bathrooms in Crawford Hall. Upon completion, there will be men’s, women’s and unisex bathrooms on each of the three floors. All bathrooms will be handicap accessible with new fixtures, finishes and lighting. This is designed to be phased construction with at least one men’s and one women’s bathroom in service at all times. Construction is scheduled to start May 4 and continue through the fall semester.

Scheduled impacts:

  • The eastern row of parking lot E will have four parking spaces reserved for contractor vehicles. The old stair plaza between Whipple Administration Building and Crawford Hall will be utilized by the contractor for dumpsters and staging of materials.
  • Corridor width at the bathrooms will be reduced during certain phases of the project and there will be movement of demolition materials up and down the elevator. Bathroom service will only be provided on the first floor until the second and third floor are completed.

Stewart Hall Renovation – On Hold Pending Review of Financial Impacts to the Residence Hall Program

This project is a total gutting and renovation of this vacant dormitory building. It will include a new entrance layout, including access from the parking lot side of the building, reconfigured space layouts, lounge spaces, lighting, heating, new larger elevator, etc. There is abatement work required here as well, which was scheduled for the first week of March through May 2020. The restart date is uncertain at this time. Interior demolition and renovation work will also need to be rescheduled. It is roughly a 16-month construction period.

Scheduled impacts:

  • None at this time.

Whipple/STUAC Utilities and Tennis Courts – In progress

This project replaced the waterline to Crawford Hall, heating lines between Whipple Administration Building and the Student Activities Center (STUAC) and provides summer hot water for Crawford Hall, Whipple Administration Building and Butcher Library. The work also widened the service drive to STUAC, reconfigured the service drive parking, and replaced the tennis court area with new recreational basketball and beach volleyball courts and more recreational flat green space. Basketball and volleyball courts will be available for use late spring of 2020.

Scheduled impacts:

  • None at this time

Utility Project (Big Dig) Continued – May 2020 restart

This project replaced utilities and added the grand staircase along with an elevator to the library last year. This year, the finishing touches will complete the restoration of new sidewalks, site lighting and landscaping from the north side of Seneca Dining Hall in the main quad area to Route 20.

Scheduled impacts:

  • May 4 restart (weather permitting), main quad north of Seneca Dining Hall, work to commence in fenced construction work zones. Access to buildings may be temporally rerouted while completion of sidewalks and landscaping is underway. Work scheduled to be substantially complete by the start of classes for fall 2020.

Charlton Hall Roof & Entry / STUAC Roof replacement – Charlton started late April

This project replaces both south entries to Charlton Hall and a complete roof replacement of the Charlton south wing, and all of the STUAC roof except the gymnasium, which was done a few years ago.

Scheduled Impacts:

  • Effective start date of roof replacements to be determined (May). Entry and exit of the south wing first floor to street level of Charlton Hall will be available at the east and west ends of the building while existing entries are being replaced. ADA accessibility will continue to be through the north wing from the main elevator. Please view the campus construction map to view affected areas.
  • Service drive between Charlton Hall and Shannon Hall will be for construction access only; NO parking on service drive while work at Charlton is ongoing. Expected completion: mid-October 2020.
  • STUAC Service drive will be affected at times during the summer and building air conditioning may also be affected for a span of time. We will coordinate these issues with the building occupants.

South Circle Road Replacement – Started April 27

This project will replace the entire roadway, parking lots, waterlines, lighting and sidewalks for the Pond Quad area. The gazebo and seating area also will be replaced. Work will begin in April 2020 and continue through November 2020.

Scheduled Impacts:

  • Contract work will commence, weather permitting, at the gazebo area. The pond area will be closed to all staff and students from April 2020 to October 2020 while pond is drained and the head wall, gazebo and sidewalks are replaced.
  • South Circle Road will be closed to ALL traffic starting late April through mid-August 2020 for reconstruction of roadway and parking lots. The main sidewalk will be used for maintenance and emergency vehicle access to Fountain View and other buildings when required. No other vehicle traffic will be allowed in this area. Helyar traffic will be deferred to E-Lot. The construction team will coordinate with University Police and Residence Life for student-belonging retrieval from the pond quad dorms.

Whipple Administration Building Roof Replacement (Lower Roof) – May 2020 start

This project will replace the entire lower roof section of the Whipple Administration Building. Work will begin in early May 2020, weather permitting, and will continue into June 2020. 

Scheduled Impacts:

  • Contract work will commence at the west side of Whipple Administration E-Lot, which is where dumpsters, staged roofing material and a crane will be located. The Whipple Administration service lot will be available, along with some parking in E-Lot. All work to be complete prior to August 2020.

Construct Alternative Fuels Building – Start May 2020

This project will be to construct the new ground-up Alternative Fuels Building at Lemery Field, located behind the Recreation Center. Work will begin in May 2020, weather permitting, and will continue through August 2021. 

Scheduled Impacts:

  • Contract work will commence on Madison Road, between the Recreation Center and IcePlex I, to construct a new entrance to the future building. Access will be restricted in the Recreation Center parking lot through the summer.
  • Access to the service drive along the west side of the Recreation Center will have restrictions during construction. Once the contractor’s schedule has been approved, an update will be provided for access restrictions.
  • Access to Lot K will have restrictions during construction. Once the contractor’s schedule has been approved, an update will be provided for access restrictions.
  • The handball court behind the Recreation Center will be closed.

Other minor projects will be scheduled with affected areas. Please check the construction Google map for additional details.