Faculty/Staff Handbook

This handbook has been prepared for all faculty and professional staff. The information in this handbook represents policies and practices developed and agreed upon by both the administration and the College faculty and professional staff through the shared governance structures of the campus.

Where the policies in this handbook conflict with the State University of New York Policies of the Board of Trustees, the collective bargaining agreement between the State of New York and the Professional Bargaining Unit (i.e., the UUP), and/or applicable laws of the State of New York, they shall be null and void.

Additional policies of interest to the faculty and professional staff appear in the Human Resources Employee Policy Manual and the Student Handbook. Where possible these policies are referred to in this handbook, but they are not listed in full. Policies found in multiple handbooks are difficult to keep updated properly and thus a policy will appear in only one handbook and be referred to when necessary in the others.

The maintenance of this document is the responsibility of the Office of the Provost, the Office of Human Resources, and the College Senate. Each section begins with a summary of the section and a clear statement of which offices and committees have responsibility for that section. Where changes need to be made, the appropriate College Senate committees, the College Senate, and the administration need to approve the changes by following policy change procedures.