Hygiene Procedures & Cleaning Guidance

Hygiene Procedures & Cleaning Guidance

When and where should a mask or face covering be worn on campus? Off campus? 

  •  Students are required to wear face coverings when in all public spaces and spaces used by multiple people, except where doing so would inhibit or otherwise impair the student’s health. Students who are unable to wear face coverings due to a medical or other health condition should consult with the Student Health Center staff to discuss reasonable accommodations. 
  • Employees are required to wear face coverings when in all public spaces and spaces used by multiple people except where doing so would inhibit or otherwise impair the employee’s health. Employees who are unable to wear face coverings due to a medical or other health condition should consult with Human Resource Services to discuss reasonable accommodations.
  • The college will provide a limited supply of reusable masks to all students and employees, with some disposable masks available as needed for guests.

Failure to Comply may result in prosecution for violations of New York State Law. Certain additional actions may also be appropriate: 

  • For students, it may also result in a referral to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action according to the student code of conduct and the amended housing license.  
  • For employees, it may result in referral to Human Resource Services for review and resolution in accordance with their collective bargaining agreement, including disciplinary action or termination. 

What else should I do to protect myself?

  • Adhere to social distancing restrictions of maintaining at least six feet distance between yourself and other people. 
  • Practice frequent hand washing. Sanitizing stations also will be strategically located across campus, including residence halls. 
  • Cover your cough and sneeze in your sleeve/elbow.
  • Clean all high-touch surfaces regularly.
  • Complete daily self-checklist questionnaire.
  • Stay home when sick.

What will cleaning procedures consist of on campus?

  • Custodial Services will provide enhanced cleaning and disinfection in accordance with New York State Department of Health regulations, CDC recommendations and guidance available from safety and industry associations. Routine cleaning of occupied areas will occur daily. 
  • Instructors, students and building occupants are expected to use provided disinfecting supplies to frequently disinfect high-touch surfaces and shared work or learning spaces. 
  • If an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 has been present on campus, temporary closure of impacted spaces will be required to allow for additional cleaning and disinfection.  

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please take proper cleaning precautions. Below are documents that provide some guidance on how to clean effectively. 


Heightened cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be in place to the extent that can be accommodated with staffing levels. Hand sanitizer and refill stations will be located at all major building entry points.

What type of cleaning and disinfecting can we expect when students return?

General-use labs and classrooms will be cleaned/disinfected twice each day between 6-8 a.m. and between 1-2 p.m. by custodial staff. 

Will faculty/students have to disinfect classrooms?

Once course schedules are provided, facilities will make disinfectant kits available at each building, within every used classroom, if possible. The disinfectant has a sit time of 10 minutes. Faculty are encouraged to practice a routine of spraying down high-touch surfaces (desktops) before they leave a classroom and wiping down previously sprayed high-touch surfaces when entering a room.

Specialty/experiential instruction lab spaces will not be disinfected by custodial staff on a routine basis. Disinfectant kits will be provided and instructors of those labs are encouraged to disinfect high-touch points of equipment/surfaces as part of the student lab routine. Custodial staff can refill disinfectant supplies or call facilities at ext. 6065.


Will facilities remove furniture from the room so students don’t sit too close to each other?

Facilities will remove seats from rooms with tables, but will not remove tablet chairs or fixed seating from classrooms. Facilities will use blue painter’s tape to place an “X” at all seating locations that SHOULD NOT be used in order to maintain proper physical distancing and maximum class sizes. It is recommended that faculty review this with students and observe this in their classes.

What guidance should I follow for face-to-face experiential learning or lab work?

For specialty or experiential lab planning/spacing, please use the following guidelines:

  • Everyone should wear a mask or face covering
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least six feet, wherever possible
  • Never have a group larger than 50% of the posted room occupancy, regardless of seats, or as designated by New York State guidance
  • Never have a group larger than 50 persons regardless of the space or area, or as designated by New York State guidance
  • Build a culture of hygiene and disinfecting of touch points into the lab exercise


How will proper ventilation of campus buildings be attained?

Ventilation and filtering is primarily an issue in new buildings that are completely mechanically ventilated and often recycle air to save energy. Natural ventilation (operable windows) exists in most of our buildings, and opening windows during early morning cleaning will be promoted by custodial staff, weather permitting. Even when windows are closed, older buildings “leak” fresh air into the building because they are generally poorly insulated and sealed. Mechanical ventilation will run continuously during class times where it exists, and our more modern systems will be forced to provide 100% outside air so that air is not recycled through filters.

Faculty are encouraged to ventilate spaces where practical, or conduct classes outdoors when feasible.