Spring 2021 Return to Campus Plans: Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Staff

When will students return to campus?

The official start date for Spring 2021 classes is planned for Monday, Feb. 8. All classes will begin in the format they are scheduled, whether remote, hybrid or in-person.

Residential move-in for most students will be conducted between Friday and Sunday (Feb. 5-7) the week before the semester starts. Students will be assigned specific move-in times to improve physical distancing. Students will participate in a health check and provide samples for pooled saliva testing upon arrival before going to their residence.

When do I need to return to my office and work on campus?

Office staffing will be determined by department supervisors.

Offices will need to be open and staffed for essential student services. Staffing capacity may be reduced and some offices may open by appointment only.

Can I still work from home?

Employees able to effectively continue remote work will continue to do so as long as possible. 

Employees wishing to return to campus will coordinate with supervisors to ensure proper screening, monitoring and distancing are enforced. 

What should I expect when returning to work on campus? 

SUNY Administration has introduced, and required, the use of the Campus COVID Screening App. This website application will work on any device and is very basic and user friendly. This app is to be used by all faculty and staff when coming on campus. This is absolutely mandatory. Its intention is to inform the user whether it is safe to stay on campus or to go home, depending on the answer that you provide. An email with more information automatically gets generated and sent to your inbox after your stated response. It’ll be helpful to bookmark this link on all your devices to ensure proper use. If you’re having issues using the app – please submit a ticket to TSTickets@morrisville.edu.

Please refer to the latest announcement from SUNY Morrisville President David Rogers regarding details on employees’ return to working on campus.

Do I need to participate in testing? 

Yes, all faculty, staff and students are expected to participate in weekly pooled saliva testing, which is scheduled every Tuesday. Those who are working remotely exclusively are welcome, but not required, to participate. Testing is conducted in the Recreation Center from 9 a.m-4 p.m.

When and where should a mask or face covering be worn on campus?

Please refer to the Hygiene Procedures section

Should I have sanitizing procedures in place for my office or work space?

Building occupants should use disinfectant wipes or spray provided by Physical Plant to frequently disinfect high touch surfaces in their own work space or shared spaces.

Instructors should use disinfecting supplies provided to disinfect their own learning spaces and high touch surfaces in the room before and after using the space.

What should I do if someone in my work space is not wearing a mask or following proper social distancing?

If you feel comfortable doing so, share the campus policy with them. If the behavior continues, you can report the incident to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or Human Resources for conduct review.

Please set an example by following the campus policies of PPE and social distancing.

What should I do if a student refuses to wear a mask while in class?

You may enforce the campus policy and request the student follow guidelines in the classroom.

Return to work training

Resources for working remotely

In order to facilitate remote work at this time, the Office of Technology Services has provided the following instructions for accessing campus resources from off-campus locations.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You will first need to connect to the VPN. This allows you to access network drives like the U or W drive, enabling you to save and access work that is stored on these drives. Sometimes the VPN may be necessary when attempting to use Microsoft Outlook.

To install the VPN client and connect to the campus VPN, follow the instructions from the Help Desk.

Mapping Network Drives

If you are using a SUNY Morrisville-issued device, your network drives may already be mapped. If not, you will need to map them.

To map a network drive from a Windows PC:

  • Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key and "E" at the same time.
  • Right-Click on "This PC" and click on "Map Network Drive." This opens the Map Network Drive window.
  • Select the letter of the drive to map from the drop down list next to "Drive."
  • Type the Path for the drive in the text box next to "Folder." Commonly mapped drive paths are available on the Help Desk page.
  • For Domain laptops, leave the "Reconnect at sign-in" checkbox checked and the "Connect using different credentials" checkbox unchecked. If you’re using a non-campus computer check this box.
  • Click "Finish."

For additional instructions, such as mapping a network drive on Mac OSX, refer to the Online Help page.

Accessing Campus Phones

To forward your ShoreTel phone to a cell phone number from on-campus

  1. Select “Options” from ShoreTel screen, then enter password and # sign (or OK).
  2. Select the small button in middle of circle with arrows for which MODE you would like to be in.
  3. Move the arrow down to “Out of Office” then EDIT.
  4. Enter the number you would like to use (cell phone, home landline, etc.) in the “always destination” field in the following format:
    8 + 1 + (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  5. Press BACK.
  6. Make sure “out of office” is highlighted and press OK. All lights on your ShoreTel phone will light up orange.

When you want to turn off the “out of office” mode:

  • Select “Options”
  • enter your password and the # sign or OK.
  • Press the small button in middle of circle with arrows
  • Move the arrow back up to “STANDARD” and press OK
  • Press EXIT to exit the options feature

To access your campus ShoreTel phone features from home

  • Dial 315.684.6000
  • When you hear the campus greeting, press # and dial your 4 digit extension number, then enter your 4 digit password and # sign. If you don’t know your voicemail 4 digit password, please submit a ticket by emailing: TSTickets@morrisville.edu and tell us the phone extension you are trying to log into.
  • Once you are logged in, please listen to the available list of options and follow prompts.

To change the call handling mode from home

  • Login as instructed above and Choose Option 7: (Change mailbox options)
  • Press 2) Set call handling mode – (standard mode is default)
  • Listen to options for mode and make your selection from:
    1. Standard
    2. In a meeting
    3. Out of the office
    4. Extended absence

If you have not already set your call handling mode to “out of office” and you are already working from home, please submit a ticket to Tech Services so that we may assist you in setting those options for you. We will need to know your extension number and also the phone number you would like us to forward to.

To submit a technology related ticket, email: TSTickets@morrisville.edu