Coronavirus Response Information for Students and Parents

Adjusting to Learning Online

As we all continue our adjustment to remote learning, we wanted to share with you our Online Resource Student Guide to provide a comprehensive review of Blackboard, Web for Students and webmail at SUNY Morrisville.

The guide provides access tools and information such as logging into each platform, setting/resetting your login, navigating through your Blackboard account and courses (submitting assignments, taking tests, posting to a discussion board, etc.), and setting up the Blackboard mobile app.

Additional resources regarding remote learning can be found on the SUNY Morrisville Distance Education webpage, as well as the SUNY Learning at a Distance webpage.

Tutoring Services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tutoring Center’s face-to-face tutoring has moved online and is being called Morrisville Online Tutoring (MOT) to distinguish it from NightOWL, which is the evening online tutoring service available to students from all member campuses of STAR-NY.

MOT peer and professional tutors are available on a drop-in basis for one-to-one tutoring on various days and at various times. Students access MOT through the Tutoring Center listing in the Tools box under the My Institution tab in Blackboard. To find when tutors are available and for what courses/subjects, please see the Tutoring Schedule posted on the college website.

Advising Services

Join Campuswide Advising in our Virtual Lobby! We continue to be available to assist you with:

  • Review of various campus resources (Degree Works, Schedulizer, Web for Students) that can assist in course enrollment and progress towards graduation;
  • Directing you towards campus resources that would be helpful to your specific scenario;
  • Understanding college policies and degree requirements;
  • Effectively communicating with your instructors in a professional way;
  • Learning about various degrees and fields of studies offered by SUNY Morrisville, other SUNY institutions, and more;
  • Exploring transfer options within and beyond SUNY Morrisville;
  • Developing personalized academic strategies to optimize learning outcomes.

Schedule a meeting by emailing or “drop in” by searching “Advising” on Microsoft Teams between 8 a.m - 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Once there you will have the ability to chat, video or phone conference with a Campuswide Advisor. The Microsoft Teams app is available for download for both your desktop/laptop and mobile device. Sign in with your Morrisville email credentials.

New to Microsoft Teams? Check out this short video on the chat features available to you.

Office of the Registrar

How do I add a course at this time?

Students can add a course by completing the add form on the Registrar’s Forms and Documents webpage. Students have the option to add courses that have not yet begun. If the section has reached enrollment capacity, the student is required to gain permission electronically from the instructor and submit it to the Office of the Registrar via email at, along with the add form. The add fee has been waived for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester.

How do I drop a class?

Students can drop classes that have not yet been completed by completing the drop form on the Registrar’s Forms and Documents webpage. The drop deadline has been expanded to the last day of classes, Friday, May 15. The drop fee has been waived for the remainder of the spring 2020 term. A grade of X will be recorded for all dropped courses.

Can I change a graded course to a pass/not pass grade option?

For the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, students can request changing from being graded with a standard letter grade (A-F) to a Pass/Not Pass Option. The change is limited to 8 credits. It is the students responsibility to make sure that changing from a standard letter grade to a Pass/Not Pass (P/NP) grade will not have a negative impact on financial aid, scholarships, or progress toward the degree. Students are encouraged to discuss changing classes from a letter grade (GPA-impacting course grades) to Pass/Not Pass with their academic advisor.

Rules and the request form for changing to Pass/Not Pass can be found on the Registrar’s Forms and Documents webpage.

How do I withdraw from college completely?

We want to see you succeed on your path to a college degree. Before making a final decision, we ask you to speak with your advisor. Students can withdraw from all classes by completing the student departure form on the Registrar’s Forms and Documents webpage. Students must process the withdrawal form by May 15. The grade of W will be entered for all classes.

What if I am not able to complete my internship?

Students should work with their faculty and site supervisor to make alternate arrangements for completion.

The Registrar’s Office will be closed to walk-in traffic but we are available via email.

We have posted several curricular change forms (requests for drop/add, student departure and others) on the registrar’s webpage.

Please complete the forms to the best of your ability. If you use Internet Explorer, you can hit the submit button on the bottom of the form and it will come directly to the registrar’s office email. Otherwise, download and complete the form and email to using your Morrisville email account. We will process your forms and secure any required signatures.

Free Access to e-Textbooks

RedShelf and VitalSource, two textbook providers for our campus, are offering free access to e-textbooks for up to seven books until the end of May. Directions on how to access free e-textbooks from RedShelf are posted on our Online Course Textbooks guide.

Once you have set up a RedShelf account, you can use the direct links in our guide to gain access to the listed books. We listed the most frequently used library course reserve books in this guide, but you should be able to access any e-textbook that individual publishers have made available. If you need help finding an e-textbook, contact us at or through our online reference services.

Technology Survey

We would like to know what technology you have, and what technology you need, to successfully complete the semester. Please complete this quick survey and let us know.

Events on Campus

SGO and CAB are producing new programming to accommodate with social distancing requirements. Check your student email for details about dates and times, as well as how to access or participate.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is available for consultation. A consult is a brief phone contact with a counselor that focuses on problem solving and providing information, referrals and resources. For more information call 315.684.6078. Any student experiencing a mental health emergency should call 911. If you would like to establish with an off-campus counselor or for immediate mental health services, please visit the mental health resources page.


WiFi Hot Spots

Here’s a map of where you can access WiFi on campus from the comfort and safety of your vehicle, whether in Morrisville or in Norwich.

Getting Masks

University Police has a limited supply of surgical masks available to students in Morrisville. Those living on campus should have already received them from Residence Life or when they checked in upon return Monday, March 30. Students living off campus may obtain a mask, if they wish, by contacting University Police.


Essential Items Retrieval Program

We have set up a system for students to have essential items left on campus returned to them. Here’s how you do that.

Nonessential Items and Storage on Campus

Students who do not wish to have their items packaged and shipped must wait for a campus announcement about when they can return to campus to retrieve their items on their own. Currently, no date is set until after April 15, or when New York State lifts its On PAUSE directives.

The campus will provide a schedule for when students may retrieve remaining belongings. Students may then choose to retrieve remaining belongings, or work with a private vendor at their own expense (must be approved by the campus). Residence Life will provide a list of approved vendors when students are notified of the schedule to pick up their remaining belongings.

Having Campus Packages Forwarded

All First Class mail and packages received through the United States Postal Service will be forwarded to home addresses on file for students not currently living on campus. Addresses can be updated through the Office of the Registrar. If students want items shipped to a different address than what is on file, they can contact the Mail Room with the new address.


Dining 101

During the remaining weeks of the semester, you will need to order your meals online.

We are only accepting student meal plans and Mustang Money for staff. To add funds to your card, please use GET.

You will need to place your order via the online form between 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. the day before for the following day’s meals. This is extremely important to make sure the Dining Services team has enough time to prepare the meals requested.

You will pick up your meal at Mustang Alley during the time slot in which you selected on the order form.

You will have less options than you are used to at Mustang Alley. However, you will see there are plenty of good choices available.

The following meals will be offered:

  • Monday – Friday, we are offering lunch and dinner.
  • Saturday and Sunday, we are offering one meal mid-day; late lunch/early dinner.

Snack Packs will also be available for purchase through your meal plan. These will allow you snacks in your rooms. Included in a snack pack is a variety of salty, sweet and spicy snacks.

We realize this is a transition, so please bear with us and reach out with questions/concerns to

How to order online

  • Fill out the form to complete your lunch order; hit submit
  • Fill out the form again to complete your dinner order; hit submit
  • You must order your lunch and dinner into two separate submitted forms.


  • At the time we receive your online order, we deduct your meal from your selected meal plan by using your M#.
  • Board meal values will be a $7 value for lunch and $10 value for dinner.
  • We will charge your meal plan in the following order until the meal is completely paid:

    • Board Meal
    • Dining Plus Points
    • Mustang Money
    • This order depends on the type of meal plan you have.
  • Tax must be applied to any remaining balance paid with Mustang Money.
  • Snack Packs are available for $5 each and can be paid for with Dining Plus Points or Mustang Money.

Hours and location of pickup

  • Monday- Friday Lunch is available for pickup at Mustang Alley from 12 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.
  • Monday- Friday Dinner is available for pickup at Mustang Alley from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Weekend meals are available for pickup at Mustang Alley from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.
  • It is extremely important that you arrive within the 15-minute interval in which you have pre-selected when you placed your order.
  • Social distancing practices will be in place during pickup. Please be prepared for this.

Vending options

Please use social distancing practices during your vending transactions.

Market 24 Vending

  • The Market 24 near Seneca will be stocked regularly and sanitized daily. This machine accepts Dining Plus Points, credit/debit cards and cash. So, if you have Dining Plus Points available through your meal plan, you can use them at the Market 24.
  • The Market 24 near the pond quad will not be stocked regularly.

Commons I and II Vending

  • The regular vending machines (not frozen or refrigerated items) at Commons I and II accept Mustang Money and cash. So, if you have Mustang Money available on your card, you can use it at these machines.
  • The combination machines (frozen and refrigerated food) accept Dining Plus Points and cash. So, if you have Dining Plus Points available through your meal plan, you can use it at these machines.
  • All Commons vending machines will be stocked regularly.

East, Oneida and Cayuga Vending

  • The vending machines in East, Oneida and Cayuga accept Mustang Money and cash.
  • The vending machines at these locations will be stocked regularly.

To Add Mustang Money to your Morrisville ID card


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund on my housing/dining/tuition and other fees?

Until further notice, select campus residence halls, Mustang Alley (dining) and other essential facilities will remain open to serve students in a safe and healthy environment for those students who choose to stay on campus. Tuition and fees charged to student accounts will continue to support these activities.

Details about the credit and refund processes for students who do not return to campus to complete the semester will be forthcoming. We are working with SUNY system to be sure we are compliant with all requirements, including those of financial aid. Please be patient as we work out the process and communicate that with you via email, our website and potentially physical mail.

When will my partial credit or refund be processed?

NOTE: Any potential partial credit or refund you might receive will not be impacted by your move-out time. The Office of Student Accounts will process partial credit or refunds by the end of the spring semester. Resident students and commuting students must indicate their housing intentions by submitting the “Student Plans After Spring Break” survey in Web for Students.

When and how can I return my books?

Textbooks are not required to be returned until May. However, the Campus Store is currently working on a process that will allow students to send back their rental materials at no additional charge. Please continue to monitor the Campus Store website and your Morrisville email for updated information.

If I choose to remain home and not return to campus, will I be penalized?

No. As long as you continue to participate in your courses and submit the work required by your program, you will be evaluated according to standard practices. If you require particular accommodations to continue your participation in your program, consult with your faculty, advisor and Accessibility Services to make the proper arrangements.

If I have received accommodations for testing, how will these services be administered?

Students should be communicating with their professors and indicate to each professor what their accommodation needs are and what will be needed to assist them.

What happens if faculty are not planning for alternate accommodations for students?

Students should report this to the Office of Accessibility Services immediately.