Coronavirus Response Information for Visitors and Outside Vendors

In an effort to limit campus density and promote health and safety, a number of updates to our campus visitor policy are effective immediately, including a pause of all visitors. The pause will end Monday, Oct. 5, but remains subject to change.

This policy ensures that visitors adhere to campus mitigation measures against the spread of COVID-19. This procedure is in effect until further notice.

  • SUNY Morrisville facilities and buildings are open only for official college business and are not open to the general public.
  • Students who are studying remotely will be granted access to campus from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends. 
  • Visitors will be permitted access to academic buildings only when they have been invited by a host and preregistered.


Visitor is defined as any individual who require essential access to campus facilities and is not an employee (faculty or staff), a currently enrolled student or a campus resident. Employees of certain vendors, contractors, volunteers, tenants and other groups are considered visitors.

Campus Host is a college office/department, employee or registered student organization requiring or inviting a visitor to campus.

Registration Process

Off-campus/commuter students must forward an email to for any planned trip to campus. The email will generate a link to the college’s COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening Checklist tool. The student must complete the self-screening on the date of their visit prior to arrival to campus. The health screening is the same completed daily by on-campus/residential students and similar to the employee screening. After hours, students should have their confirmation email readily available for inspection by campus staff.

Visitors must be pre-registered by a Campus Host. The Campus Host is responsible for forwarding an email to The Host receives a response with instructions to complete the registration process which includes a link to the college’s COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening Checklist tool to be provided to each visitor. Visitors must complete the self-screening the morning of their appointment and prior to arrival on campus. The health screening is the same completed daily by on-campus/residential students and similar to the employee screening. The tool instructs visitors who report experiencing symptoms to contact the Host to reschedule their appointment. Visitors must park in the K-Lot.


Off-campus/commuter students and visitors who visit campus are required to follow health and safety protocols adopted by the college and as required by federal, state or local guidelines and regulations. This includes: self-monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus and completing the college’s health screening checklist; complying with the college’s face-covering policy and physical distancing requirements; and regular handwashing and sanitizing while on campus. Off-campus/commuter students will receive campus policies electronically following the completion of the health screening survey.

Related Visitor Procedures

Institutions and offices on campus, such as Facilities or Athletics, may in some cases operate with slight variations to this procedure due to specific guidance from associations, insurance companies and contractual obligations.

Persons who utilize outdoor areas of the campus to walk, run and bicycle are not considered visitors and are restricted to the roadways, sidewalks and trails on campus only. Residential and academic areas are strictly off-limits, and posted “No Trespassing” signs must be followed.

No more than two guests per residential student are allowed in student residential spaces.


This visitor policy is subject to change at any time and will be updated as the needs of the college change due to COVID pandemic, or at the direction of the Governor’s Office.