COVID-19 Dashboard

SUNY Morrisville is answering the call for transparency and public safety by sharing statistics on the COVID-19 case count for our campus. SUNY System provides a live, up-to-date dashboard that displays data on COVID-19 testing and other vital information at each of SUNY's 64 colleges and universities. The data is reported by individual campuses every 24 hours. To view Morrisville's statistics, visit the SUNY COVID-19 Case Tracker and select "Morrisville" from the campus dropdown menu.

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The current assessed risk level on the SUNY Morrisville campus is low.

Wastewater Testing

SUNY Morrisville implemented wastewater testing in mid-July 2020 and collects samples twice a week, currently on Mondays and Wednesdays, to be delivered to the lab for analysis on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Results are currently received the following Monday.

The college has its own wastewater plant and operators. The only non-SUNY Morrisville input into the plant is from Crouse Community Center, a rehabilitation nursing home adjacent to the campus.

The week of Sept. 6, the college deployed five additional pumps to sample all nine occupied residence halls once each week (four during one 24-hour sampling event and five during a second 24-hour sampling event). Samples are collected on the same two days that the central plant is sampled. This will allow a comparison and targeting approach, should the samples from the central plant collection show elevated levels of the virus.

If elevated levels are detected, the college will immediately deploy a broader pooled saliva testing initiative. If the levels are in residence halls, those residence halls will be the focus of the pooled testing. If the levels are not in the residence halls, we will move a mobile pump unit to check the wastewater at Crouse. If the levels appear to be coming from other on-campus sources, campuswide pooled saliva testing will take place as soon as possible.

Wastewater Status: COVID-19 detected at central plant, but not quantifiable

The data on this page was lasted updated on November 12, 2020.