Each year, students at Morrisville State College reach out to over 10,000 of our alumni and friends in an effort to raise money for the Morrisville State College Annual Fund.  This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to gain valuable work experience, learn about the history of our college straight from those that shared that same experience in the past and it teaches them about the importance of philanthropy.

When you pick up the phone, please spend a few minutes talking to our students because the experience and history they gain from their conversation with you can be transformative. 

The Phonathon raises over $50,000 every year and is a critical part to the success of Morrisville State College.

If you are one of the nearly 40,000 alumni of Morrisville, please update your information so our students can reach out to you. 

Support Morrisville by giving online!

STUDENTS: Contact us to apply for the student caller position

For more information, contact:
Institutional Advancement
Phone: (315) 684-6020
Fax: (315) 684-6379
Whipple Administration Building, 1st Floor