Student Support & Services

College life is a period of growth that goes well beyond the classroom. SUNY Morrisville offers a wealth of student support and services to help you thrive academically and maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

Accessibility Services

SUNY Morrisville offers students with accessibility needs a variety of academic accommodations and services that provide equal access and opportunities throughout their college experience. Accommodations for students are arranged through the Accessibility Services offices located at both the Morrisville and Norwich Campus locations.

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Campuswide Advising

Campuswide Advising at SUNY Morrisville provides you with exceptional academic mentoring and support from our professional advisors, who will meet regularly with you throughout each semester to help you achieve your goals in your academic career and prepare for the professional world.

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Career Services

Whether you know exactly what you want to do with your Morrisville education or are wide open to the possibilities, Career Services can assist you in achieving your career goals. Career Services works with students from their freshman year through graduation to identify and explore best-fit career options, provide networking opportunities, help prepare for internship and job opportunities and much more.

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Counseling Services

If you need to talk to someone confidentially about your personal, social and emotional well-being, or any other reason, SUNY Morrisville’s Counseling Services can offer a variety of assistance. Located at the Student Health Center, our counseling services include one-on-one sessions with a counseling professional, as well as consultation and outreach.

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Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities offers a variety of academic, cultural, recreational and social programs, events and opportunities for you to participate in at SUNY Morrisville. The office encourages all students, new and returning, to get involved in clubs and organizations and activities – there is something for everyone!

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Student Health Center

The Student Health Center houses our Counseling Services and also provides students with basic medical care and advice without having to leave campus. Our “Rides for Residents” program also provides transportation to scheduled, non-emergency appointments with a health care provider or other professional.

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ThinkPad University

SUNY Morrisville is also proud of its longstanding ThinkPad University program, which supplies students with individual laptops and allows the college to integrate technology into all aspects of campus life, from the classroom to the social scene.

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Our MAX (Morrisville Area Xpress) campus shuttle service is specifically designed to support the commuting needs of SUNY Morrisville students, faculty and staff. MAX offers daily, after-hour and weekend shuttles, Shop ’N Ride trips, and transportation for academic field trips and to nursing clinical sessions.

You can purchase CoachUSA bus tickets at our Campus Store, where you also can find textbooks, apparel, food and convenience items, and much more.

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Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center, located in the Donald G. Butcher Library, is the central tutorial location for the campus. Tutoring sessions take place one-on-one between a single student and a tutor or in small groups of students working on the same course with a tutor. Academic assistance is available in most subject areas taught at the campus. The library, along with various computer labs across campus, also provide you with quiet locations in which to do academic research and access a vast collection of books, academic journals, magazines and multimedia resources. 

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