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As a first-year international student, one of the resources you’ll find at SUNY Morrisville is ONCAMPUS SUNY, a collaboration between SUNY Morrisville and Cambridge Education Group of England.

ONCAMPUS SUNY can help you prepare for college, deal with first-year demands and challenges, and prepare for the rest of your college career. It can also help you identify options for further study within the entire State University of New York system. It promotes:

  • A supportive environment that helps you acclimate quickly
  • Instruction that builds academic skills (researching, using the library, making presentations)
  • Ongoing instruction to build your English language proficiency for general academics and for a chosen path of study
  • TOEFL preparation
  • Your ability to earn the same college credits typical of any first-year student

Program Faculty/Staff

ONCAMPUS SUNY Center Director
Student Support Advisor
Adjunct Instructor, ONCAMPUS SUNY University Success Advisor
Academic English Instructor
ONCAMPUS SUNY Assistant Registrar
Instructor CSL, Academic English Instructor