Casino Careers Professional Development Certificate

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Make your own luck.

Become a part of one of the fastest-growing enterprises in New York State and across the country after just one semester of study in SUNY Morrisville’s casino careers professional development certificate.

Gain hands-on experience in our simulated casino facility, a unique laboratory setting with all aspects of the gaming industry, from management to security and surveillance.

The program offers courses in hospitality, gaming, security, marketing and tourism that prepare you for entry-level management jobs in:

  • Biometric technologies
  • Casino operations and management
  • Casino marketing
  • Human resources
  • Security and surveillance
  • Gaming regulations
  • Convention/event sales
  • Regional tourism development
  • Hotel operations
  • Hospitality technology
  • Casino design development
  • Food, beverage, and catering management
  • Research and sales

Courses that you complete for your certificate also may be applied toward the course requirements for SUNY Morrisville’s Associate in Applied Science degree in gaming & casino management.

Program Faculty/Staff

Associate Professor