Information Technology Management B.B.A.

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Become the solution.

In the SUNY Morrisville Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree program in information technology management, you will learn how to integrate hands-on technology skills with business fundamentals so you are able to design and build solutions to solve business problems.

The curriculum teaches everything you will need as an IT professional, from project management to programming, networking and systems analysis, and much more. It also includes business essentials, from accounting, statistics, law and finance to human resources, marketing and communications.

For coursework, Morrisville’s Computer Information Technology (CIT) Department provides you with Microsoft platform, servers and developer tools software such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio and versions of Windows server through its membership in the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA). And not only do you get to use this software during your studies, but you can keep it upon completion of the course.

The CIT Department also maintains an alliance with VMware, which provides you with the software needed to run virtual operating system environments on your machines.

Our hands-on approach to learning culminates in a semester-long, 12-credit professional internship, where you put in nearly 500 hours of work in an industry setting to gain the professional experience necessary to launch your career. You might also land a full-time position with the organization sponsoring your internship, as has been the case for many of our graduates.

As a graduate, you’ll be ready to use IT to drive business results as a skilled communicator who will enhance any company’s culture. Or, you may transfer elsewhere to complete an M.B.A., engineering or other graduate degree.

You can enhance your college experience through a variety of related clubs. The SUNY Morrisville Competitive Gaming Club creates a community for interested gamers through education, sportsmanship, competitive multiplayer gaming and attendance at gaming-related events. Additionally, the SUNY Morrisville Technology Club brings together students, faculty and staff who are interested in computer systems, computer information, networking computers and using computers for our community.

The college is one of the first to annually host Global Game Jam® (GGJ), the world’s largest on-site game creation event which gives teams of artists, hobbyists, programmers and gamers throughout the world a chance to brainstorm, innovate, collaborate and develop new ideas for game design over the course of 48 hours.

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