Science, Technology & Society B.S.

Student doing a presentation

Shape the world around you.

SUNY Morrisville is a great place to explore current and future technologies and the concepts, implications and philosophies that make them work for us.

If you love technology and want to help shape the way our society uses it, our Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program in science, technology & society (STS) is the perfect program for you.

STS looks at the future of global society and investigates the relationship between a culture and the development of science and technology. You’ll study ethics, philosophy and related liberal arts topics, while also getting to choose courses in one of two technical options: information technology or renewable resources technology.

The information technology option explores the relationship between digital technology and its wider social context. Your courses will focus on network administration and computer programming, concepts and applications to prepare you for jobs in government or private-sector areas such as website development, network analysis, or design and implementation.

The renewable resources option focuses on the relationship between natural resources and their wider social context. Courses such as aquaculture, silviculture, forestry and ecology will have you ready to enter career fields in government or with environmentally focused organizations.