Be Inspired

How Charles Okine is using inspiration empower others

Charles Okine ’18 has a personal brand that could be described as: always be inspired.

“Everything around you is inspirational,” Okine said. “I try to take the best of everyone around me and try to use that to become a better me.”

Thanks to his experience at SUNY Morrisville, Okine becoming a “better me” helped bring out the best in those around him, as well.

Building a Solar Empire

Alumni and students play a role in harnessing community solar energy

In Tompkins County, 6,804 solar panels sit on a 13-acre plot of farmland in the town of Endfield. The 2.3-megawatt solar array helps power 373 households, reducing greenhouse gases by 1,430 metric tons annually, the equivalent of removing 306 cars from the road.

The project came to life with the help of a group of graduates from SUNY Morrisville, who are leading the way in creating a community solar empire in Upstate New York.

A Silver Lining

Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center offers pathway to a new life

The Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center (SEOC) building on New Street just outside the Syracuse downtown district is bustling with activity on weekdays. Students visit with tutors in the basement library and computer lab and study in quiet corners. Classrooms for Certified Nursing Assistant students are set up to mimic a hospital room, complete with beds and medical equipment; nearby, construction trades students receive on-site training to prepare them for apprenticeship positions with local trade unions.

Going Out on Top

Greg Carroll champions winning culture following 18-year career as athletics director

Greg Carroll still remembers his wild first day on the job as director of athletics at SUNY Morrisville.

Fresh off a successful 12-year run as the athletics director and director of communications for the Cazenovia (New York) school district, Carroll walked into football check-in day before the 2001 season. Nearly 150 student-athletes flooded campus looking for his assistance.

Alumni show Mustang Pride, churn official ice cream flavor of SUNY Morrisville

Andy Lagoe ’92 and Gil Hodges ’92 wanted to come up with a way to show how proud they are to be Mustangs.

The duo, owners of Gilligan’s Ice Cream along with partner Mike Lagoe, decided the best way was to do what they do best. So they churned up an ice cream flavor contest at SUNY Morrisville.

“We thought, why not reach out to our alma mater to see if they would want to collaborate and create a flavor for Morrisville,” Andy Lagoe said.  

A Budding Success

Seeds of popular landscaping & nursery dynasty were planted at SUNY Morrisville

They started small, but their dreams grew big.

Throughout the past three decades, Lasnicki Landscaping & Nursery’s comprehensive services and family atmosphere have grown to reap the admiration of the local community and far beyond the reaches of its physical location on County Route 32 in Hastings, New York.

Give Back Where You Start

Unrelenting spirit of giving drives Volunteer of the Year

Patricia “Patty” King ’77 is spirited by helping others. Whether it’s running, racing, volunteering, leading, hiring, mentoring or otherwise, she does all she can to support her career field, her alma mater and the people she serves through both.

Her infectious energy, enthusiasm and commitment toward making a difference in others’ lives all played a part in her receiving SUNY Morrisville’s Volunteer of the Year Award.  

50 Years of Equine Excellence

Monday morning, the second week of classes, and in the Western barn, the nicker of horses and warmth of well-used leather replaces the starch of lectures and laptops.

A palomino named Trigger hangs his head over the stall door and poses for a selfie with a freshman whose experience with horses has been pretty much confined to cell phones. Down the aisle, another newly minted rider is trying to wrap the legs of a fidgety paint. A third is discovering that horses manage to get all sorts of interesting items caught in their tail.

A degree in fortitude

Long days on the farm, grit and determination have come to define dairy management student Carrie Shuman on her journey to graduation.

Born and raised on a former dairy farm in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Shuman amassed emotional and financial hardship following the death of her father during high school and the recent loss of her brother.

The unassuming, petite, 22-year-old has persevered and received her bachelor’s degree in May. It is more than a stepping stone into the dairy industry — it is a badge of her fortitude.

Norwich professor and his “live-learning” class author article in scientific journal

Talon Abrams has been fascinated with amphibians and reptiles since he was 4 years old, catching snakes and frogs in a backyard creek at his Madison, New York, home. Some even made their way into his bedroom so he could examine them more closely in a glass bowl.

That allure eventually led him to SUNY Morrisville to pursue a bachelor’s degree in renewable resources technology. He wants to land in a career where he can help aquatic life, animals and the environment.