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Intramural Sponsored Football on Lemery Field

Date: September 14, 2017
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Intramural Football registration is now open! Teams must have at least 8 players, no switching teams. Captains, go to to sign up your team (click the Morrisville State College tab at the top of the page). Sign up instructions are attached. Everyone must register to access the schedule and receive updates and notifications. Games are played on Lemery Field (grass field behind the Rec Center).
Only MSC students, faculty, and staff can play. Nobody on the MSC Football team can play intramural football.
Players looking for teams, use the free agent function to let teams know you want to play. You can also show up (ready to play) to possibly fill in.
Captains, please pick up free agents.
Games start Tuesday, September 5 at 5:00pm.
Teams listed first on the website are home, home team wears white shirts. Teams listed first on the app are away, away team wears dark shirts.
Teams play with 7 players each.
Games start on time. 20 minute halves running time. Each team has one time out per half.
Touchdown: 6 points
Extra Points: Ball placed on 5 yard line in 1 point. Ball placed on 10 yard line is 2 points.
Each team has 4 downs per drive. Midfield (1st down) marker resets the downs.
Defense must wait 5 seconds before rushing the quarterback after the ball is snapped. One defender can rush the quarterback once the play is live.
Defense has 1 blitz each drive. Quarterback gets 1 early run each drive.
Interceptions are live. Fumbles are dead.
Teams are subject to penalties.

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