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New Bachelor Degree in Nursing at Morrisville State College Offers Local Resident Opportunity to Go to School, Work, Raise Family

MORRISVILLE, N.Y.—Driving to work, Tyler Bemont is already thinking about the day ahead of him.

When he completes his morning shift as an RN in the operating room at Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, he’ll head home to his family anxiously waiting to spend time with him.

With three children ages 8, 3 and 1, there isn’t much idle time in the schedule of the busy 27-year-old, who in addition to renovating his home in Eaton, N.Y., is going back to college.

Bemont enrolled in Morrisville State College’s new bachelor degree in nursing which was recently approved by the State Department of Education. The bachelor of science in nursing is the newest in Morrisville State College’s comprehensive fleet of bachelor and associate degree programs.

Morrisville’s bachelor degree nursing program is intended for students who have just completed their RN and also for experienced nurses who want to take the next step in their nursing career. The program is designed to enhance students’ professional development, prepare them for leadership and management positions in healthcare and apply research findings in their professional practice.

Students in the program will have the opportunity to enhance their nursing practice in the areas of family and community nursing, advanced health assessment and health promotion, nursing theory and research, ethics, organizational communications, systems theory and leadership and management.

Bemont plans to obtain his bachelor degree and utilize it as a stepping stone to greater things—a career he’s planning as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.

“Having a bachelor degree provides RNs with more opportunities to practice in management and education positions as well as be independent practitioners in non-traditional health care settings,” Peg Golden, associate dean and associate professor of nursing, said. “A bachelor degree is often preferred or required for advancement to either supervisory or clinical education positions in many healthcare facilities.”

Bemont hopes to complete his bachelor degree as soon as possible. The flexibility of the program, offering many online courses, will make it easier for him to do so.

“The degree has been designed to provide many courses in an online format to remain accessible to students who are employed on a part-time or full-time basis,” Golden said.

“The flexibility of Morrisville’s program was a selling point for me,” Bemont said, in addition to the college’s proximity to his home.

But Bemont’s focus wasn’t always nursing. He had planned on becoming a silversmith, following in the footsteps of family and his Native American heritage, before deciding on his current career.

“I was one of those kids who always wanted to help anyone who was injured and always wanted to find out what was wrong with people,” he said, “plus I knew a career in nursing would provide me with job security.”

In addition to helping people and having a career that is personally meaningful and rewarding, Bemont is motivated by numerous opportunities in the field.

“The great part about nursing is that if you get tired of working in a specific area, such as working the floor, you can go to the OR (operating room) or you can focus on research,” he said. “There is always something else you can do.”

The new degree will allow the college to continue to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare workforce and healthcare facilities.

“The program has the potential to significantly increase the number of nurses who hold bachelor degrees in nursing and would provide facilities with better educated nurses with improved critical thinking and leadership skills,” Golden said. “The end result would undoubtedly be improved quality of care for our patients.”

Students who complete an associate degree in nursing at Morrisville State College can continue their education at Morrisville in the new nursing bachelor degree program. Also eligible for the program are RNs who have graduated from another A.A.S. nursing or diploma program.

The Admission Office is currently accepting applications in this degree program for the fall 2007 semester which begins Aug. 27.

For more information about the new degree, call the Admission Office at 1-800-258-0111 or visit the college’s Web site at

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