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Ford Motor Company Donates Car to Auto Program at Morrisville State College

MORRISVILLE, NY—Automotive students at Morrisville State College are learning valuable lessons from a new vehicle donated by Ford Motor Company.

The top-of-the-line, 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis joins a fleet of 12 vehicles, all donations from Ford Motor Company, to provide training for students in Morrisville State College’s Automotive Technology—Ford ASSET (Automotive Student Service Educational Training) program.

The new sedan is equipped with the most advanced computer-controlled systems including a sophisticated engine management system that is capable of running on E85, a renewable fuel that’s 85 percent ethanol which is made from corn.

Ford Motor Company’s donations provide students with experience working on the most updated vehicles in auto repair, an industry that has gone from basic mechanics to high-tech, requiring a high level of expertise in mathematics, diagnostics, hydraulics and electrical/electronics and strong analytical skills.

“We are grateful to Ford for supplying us with the vehicles, tools and equipment so our students can learn on the most modern systems,” Joe Kidd, assistant professor and lead instructor in the Ford ASSET program said.

In labs, students go from bumper-to-bumper, learning about all systems of automobiles, from removing and replacing suspensions, batteries, clutches and brakes to working with electrical and electronic systems, Kidd said.

Along with their course work and labs are internships at Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealerships.

The Ford ASSET program is an alliance among Ford Motor Company, Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers and Morrisville State College where students gain on-the-job training at a sponsoring Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealership while earning their Automotive Technology associate degree.

During breaks and summer recess, Automotive Technology—Ford ASSET student John Phillipps, 19, of Owego, NY, utilizes skills he’s honed in class and labs at his internship at McGuire-Ford-Lincoln-Mercury in Ithaca.

Between the internship and on-campus labs, Phillipps spends a lot of time under the hood.

“If I am going to be working on cars for the rest of my life, I want to be working on them every day,” something I am able to do here” (at Morrisville State College), he said.

Students graduate from the Ford ASSET program with not only an associate degree in Automotive Technology but also industry-ready skills and multiple Ford certifications.

“They are ready to meet the demands in the field for qualified individuals who are highly skilled and knowledgeable,” Kidd said.

Morrisville State College offers an associate degree in automotive technology, a bachelor of technology degree in automotive technology management, a bachelor of business administration degree in automotive technology and a new associate degree in autobody technology.

All of the college’s automotive programs offer students hands-on learning in the most technically advanced facilities in the industry from faculty who are experts in the field and ASE (automotive service excellence) certified in their respective teaching areas.

For more information about Morrisville State College’s automotive programs, call 1-800-258-0111 or visit the college’s Web site at

Morrisville State College offers more than 75 bachelor and associate degrees and options. Considered to be one of the most technologically advanced colleges in the nation for its ThinkPad University program and wireless technology initiative, the college recently became the first in the nation to comprehensively replace landlines in residence halls with individual cellular phones. Morrisville State College was also chosen as one of the top five colleges in the nation for campus activities by Campus Activities magazine.

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