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Morrisville State College Automotive Program to Celebrate Landmark Auto Repair with Community Action Partnership Dec. 10

MORRISVILLE, N.Y.—Mark Ashton has seen and performed his share of car repairs as an automotive instructor at Morrisville State College and through his work in the auto industry.

But none have had the profound impact as what he has been a part of through the Keys to Work Initiative with Madison County Community Action Partnership (CAP).

Ashton, an instructional support associate, heads Morrisville State College’s effort in the initiative—providing needed repairs on vehicles which CAP helps community members obtain, based on need, to secure transportation to work.
The community partnership has reaped its share of rewards.

Faculty, staff, students, representatives from CAP and Keys to Work participants, will gather on Dec. 10 to share those rewards during a public celebration which will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. in the hospitality suite of the college’s new athletic stadium.

“The Automotive Department is hosting this event to celebrate the accomplishment of our collaboration with Madison County—our 50th vehicle for the Keys to Work program,” Ray Grabowski, assistant professor and co-chair of the Automotive Department, said.

That number represents how many cars have been repaired by Morrisville State College students. Morrisville provides the facility/technology and student labor to perform vehicle repairs, the majority which involve safety/emissions: tires, brakes, lights, emissions.

To Ashton, of Plymouth, N.Y., who has been working on the initiative since 2003, the landmark figure means the college has had a hand in changing a lot of community members’ lives.

“When you hand over the keys, you have just made a life changing experience in their life,” Ashton said. “I get an overwhelming feeling inside when I know we (CAP and Morrisville State College) have accomplished this.”

“Mark has been very instrumental in making the program a success,” Grabowski said. “Overall his dedication to the coordination with CAP, the families, car dealers, and making repairs to the vehicles has been above the call of duty.”

It’s a winning combination overall.

“Morrisville builds on its technological base as well as gives back to the community, and students gain a valued learning experience,” Ashton said.

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