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Morrisville State College Voice is Strong at SUNY’s Strategic Planning Meetings

Morrisville State College Voice is Strong at SUNY’s Strategic Planning Meetings

MORRISVILLE, N.Y.— Morrisville State College is playing a vital role in SUNY’s Strategic Plan. Dr. Ray Cross, Morrisville State College president, Matthew Morgan, college council chairman, and Roberta Sloan, assistant professor of computer and information technologies and faculty congress speaker, are actively participating in SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher’s Strategic Planning Process.

Morgan and Cross serve on the Steering Committee, while Sloan was appointed to the “Group of 200”. The Steering Committee is comprised of campus presidents, staff, students and community members. This committee sets and prioritizes themes and objectives for SUNY's statewide conversations and frames strategic actions necessary to realize the full dimensions of the plan. The “Group of 200” is charged with elaborating, through thoughtful debate and exchange of ideas, the guiding themes that will determine the future direction of SUNY.

“It’s rare that one institution has several appointees to SUNY’s Strategic Planning Committees,” Cross said. “Morrisville State College representatives are seen as thought-leaders and will have a strong voice throughout this process”.

The group has already participated in two of seven statewide “Conversations” which build on themes identified through the Chancellor’s 64-Campus Tour as opportunities where SUNY will have a significant positive impact on vitality and quality of life throughout the state. The first conversation focused on Economic Development and Quality of Life issues while the second analyzed the Educational Pipeline and how SUNY might play a more effective role in “stopping the leaks” in the pipeline. Delegates will help translate these conversations into clearly delineated “big ideas” that will comprise the overarching strategic goals of the plan.

Under Zimpher’s leadership, SUNY is now in the second of four phases of developing and implementing the strategic plan that will guide the statewide system the next five years and serve as the foundation of SUNY’s development over the next decade. The first phase included a comprehensive campus tour to assess the quality of life and environment of the SUNY campuses. The final goal is to create a document that will provide a new and revitalized direction for the entire state.

Morrisville State College is changing the face of a four-year degree institution with unprecedented advances in higher education. Recognized as a national leader in technology and renewable energy education, Morrisville State College is actively preparing its students for the Hybrid Economy.

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