University Police

Phone: (315) 684-6410
Fax: (315) 684-6121
Brooks Hall, 1st Floor

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University Police

University Police

University Police Emergency Number: (315) 684-6410
Chief of Police - Enrico L. D'Alessandro

The New York State University Police at Morrisville State College is a sworn Police Department with a complement of 10 officers. The University Police patrol over 110 buildings and the college grounds, including property and facilities in a three township area.

The mission of the New York State University Police at Morrisville State College is to provide the highest level of Law Enforcement protection to the life and property of the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus.

Members of the agency also participate in some educational programs on the campus proper and also deliver a variety of services to the campus population, including everything from checking out the slightest notification to major crime investigations.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Lock your room. Do not prop your door.
  • Secure your valuables.
  • Do not keep large sums of money, expensive jewelry and stereos in your room.
  • Record Serial Numbers and Model numbers.
  • Lock your vehicle, secure the stereo radio, radar detectors, CDs.
  • Always report crimes; University Police cannot help if you do not report.
  • Report suspicious incidents and persons.
  • Lock all doors at all times, interior and exterior.