Middle States Working Groups

Working Group



Standard I. Missions and Goals

  • Diane Tice, Professor, Biology
  • Kaylynn Iglesias, Director of Admissions
  • Lindsay Lefevre, Norwich Campus Director
  • Elisa Livengood, Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences
  • Roxanna Pisiak, Professor, Humanities
  • Devyn Thomas, Admissions
  • Brandy Thurston, Associate Athletics Director

Standard II. Ethics and Integrity

  • Marquis Bennett, Director of EOP & Special Programs
  • Robert Klish, Director of Computer Services, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation Computer Services
  • Devon Branca, Assistant Professor, Humanities
  • Marc Cianciola, Assistant Director, Student Activities
  • Franci Valenzano, Communications & Marketing
  • Jamal Verity, Assistant Professor, Computing & Informatics

Standard III. Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

  • Donielle Balstra, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 
  • Adam Saunders, Associate Librarian, Online Learning & Instruction
  • Aron Efimenko, Associate Professor, Humanities
  • Erin Longo, Associate Registrar
  • Richard Marcoux, Associate Professor, Computing & Informatics
  • Sheila Marshman, Associate Professor, Agricultural Business
  • John Maurine, Technical Service

Standard IV. Support of the Student Learning Experience

  • Elizabeth Ackman, Director of Residence Life
  • Julie Corey, Assistant Professor, Equine Sciences
  • Joanna Baker, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation, Morrisville Commons Director
  • Kacee Garner, Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  • Rita Goyette, Director of Student Activities
  • Gwen Henry, Accessibility Services
  • Susan Johnston, Director CSTEP & STEP
  • Adam Olinski, Instructional Support Assistant, Horticulture
  • Melissa Ward, Director, Campus-Wide Advising

Standard V. Educational Effectiveness Assessment

  • Philip Hofmeyer, Associate Professor, Renewable Energy
  • Brenda Oursler White, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Alyssa Amyotte, Campus-Wide Advising
  • Michelle Mitchell, Senior Assistant Librarian, Instructional Services
  • Tom Pilewski, Associate Professor, Business
  • Gregory Sydoriw, Assistant Professor, Humanities
  • Yunkai Xu, Instructional Designer

Standard VI. Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

  • Brett LaSalle, Director of Operations & Maintenance 
  • Courtney Turner, Director of Annual Giving
  • Sue Cornelius, Director of Finance
  • John Gunerman, Business Office, Director of Purchasing
  • Al Muss, Professor, Business
  • Kristen Naymick, Facilities, Administrative Assistant

Standard VII. Governance, Leadership, and Administration

  • Jennifer Gilbert-Jenkins, Assistant Professor, Agronomy
  • Paul Field, Chief, University Police
  • Craig Fisher, Environmental Health & Safety Officer
  • Ryan Mahanna, Campus-Wide Advising
  • William Snyder, Professor, Environmental Sciences
  • Mark Whitney, Professor, Humanities

Evidence Inventory Management and Writing

  • Patrick Cronn, Associate Professor, Computing & Informatics
  • Eugenio Mercurio, Assistant Director for Strategic Communications
  • Michael Blehar, Bursar
  • Christopher Cirelli, Admissions
  • Marti Collins, Associate Professor, Journalism
  • Brandon Croll, Technology Services
  • Angela Rhodes, Associate Librarian, Systems and Electronic Resources

Federal Compliance

  • Scott Richmond, Senior Web Developer & Analyst
  • Gary Cole, Campus-Wide Advising