Campus Store

Operated by the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation, the Morrisville Campus Store is located below the Butcher Library and can be accessed from the Main Quad. The Campus Mailroom and College ID Services are both located in the Campus Store.

Visitor Information

  • Hand sanitizer station containing at least 60% alcohol will be present upon entering store
  • Ship to home, or pickup in-store options available


  • Textbooks can be ordered through Web for Students -> Student Detail Schedule -> Buy Your Books, or through
  • Textbooks must be purchased online. They are not available for purchase in the Campus Store.
  • Textbooks can be shipped to the students’ home, or to the Campus Store for pickup.

Course Materials & Supplies

  • Course Materials can be purchased at the course related supplies page.
  • Ordering online and ship to home, or pickup in store is encouraged. 

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