Affordable Learning Definition List


Combine elements from a number of existing OERs into a customized resource to replace your current learning materials.


Review an OER learning materials to determine if the content and quality align with course objectives and can be used to replace your current learning materials.

Creative Commons License

The creative commons license is not a single license. There are 6 different types of creative commons licenses. In general, the creative commons license is a way for creators, authors and companies to grant others permission to reuse their work, forgoing the traditional “all rights reserved” stipulation.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A software application designed to support the delivery of online instruction. The LMS, such as Blackboard, can create and manage records, organize and deliver content to learners, and facilitate communication among learners and with the instructor. Additionally, a Learning Management System may also be used as a course management tool to support classroom-based teaching.


An LTI, Learning Tools Interoperability, is a connection made between the LMS and the connected learning system or tool. For connectivity to occur in a campus-wide Blackboard implementation, an LTI must be installed. Once installed, all Blackboard users can access a tool without requiring individual installations or keys.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources are learning resources under the creative commons license. Depending on the type of license, users can retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute learning materials, such as media, lectures, research materials, and texts.

Open Pedagogy

This is an approach to learning where instruction shifts from commercial texts and resources to openly licensed resources and supplemental materials for instruction, content creation, and information sharing. In addition, teaching and learning are structured to engage students in the creation of information as a means to demonstrate their understanding of course material.