Affordable Learning for Faculty

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an equitable and open learning experience at SUNY Morrisville. The adoption, adaption, and creation of Affordable Learning Materials align with SUNY Morrisville’s Strategic Plan priorities Goal 7: To develop campus resources and operations with minimum resource footprint, and Goal 8:  To achieve effective and sustainable levels of required resources. By providing guidance to faculty on the adoption and adaption of Affordable Learning Materials this page represents one strategy to achieve SUNY Morrisville’s strategic goal to review and adopt technologies and resources to support teaching modalities that promote access and success.

Institutional OER Guidelines

The Institutional OER Guidelines focus specifically on OER which include open textbooks, lab manuals, and other course materials. They do not address Open Access for scholarly communications; refer to the SUNY Morrisville Open Access Policy for this information.

Ways to Bring Open Education Resources to Your Students

Thanks to New York State's continued financial support for the development and adoption of low-cost, open educational digital textbooks, faculty at SUNY Morrisville have the opportunity to apply for funding to explore, adopt, and adapt Open Educational Resources (OER) for their courses.

OER are affordable educational teaching, learning, and research materials that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits repurposing by others and follow the 5Rs: the ability to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute the content for educational purposes. Librarians can help faculty locate OER materials relevant to their course learning objectives.

Within SUNY, for a course section to be designated as using OER, the majority of the course textbook and any other student learning materials (at least 51 percent) must reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits repurposing by others. Librarians can work with faculty to identify materials with open intellectual property licenses.

Pathways to Implement OER

ADOPT SUNY, LUMEN LEARNING, OR Online Learning Initiative Courses (OLI) - Ready to adopt courses are available to all SUNY faculty and students through SUNY OER Services and a partnerships with Lumen Learning and Carnegie Mellon's OLI.

ADOPT Courses From Other Platforms - Review an OER textbook to determine if the content and quality align with course objectives and can be used to replace your current textbook.

ADAPT - Combine elements from a number of existing OERs into a customized resource to replace your current textbook.

Finding Affordable Materials

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