Library Bulletin Board Posting Policy

General Policies

  • Use of the Library’s bulletin board is governed by SUNY Morrisville’s Student Code of Conduct and the Human Resources Office Policy on Civility Standards
  • Postings are limited to the designated bulletin board—items posted elsewhere or pamphlets left around the library will be removed and discarded.
  • Posters or signs are limited to information about campus events, campus notifications, and services sanctioned by the campus administration. Posters that do not fall into these categories, including posters from outside vendors will be removed from the bulletin board and discarded.
  • The Library is not responsible for posters being removed by the public.

Posting Periods

  • Individual events are posted until the day after the event.
  • Continuing events can be posted for the duration of the event or semester.
  • Library staff will remove and dispose of posters with expired information. If an individual or organization wishes to keep outdated posters, they will be responsible for retrieving the item the day after the advertised event takes place.

Posting Regulations

  • Post only one copy of a poster on the bulletin board. Multiple postings will be removed.
  • Poster size is limited to 11” x 17”. Items larger than 11” x 17” may be allowed at the discretion of the Library staff based on fairness and demand for available space.
  • Please use push pins to post items. If unused pins are not available on the bulletin board, ask for pins at the circulation desk.
  • Please be considerate of other people’s postings—do not cover or remove them.