Library Accessibility

The SUNY Morrisville library is committed to providing services and resources that are available to everyone in our community. Please refer to the SUNY Morrisville Accessibility Policy for additional information not covered in this document.

Building Accessibility

The library main entrance can be accessed from across Crawford Hall, just to the north of the Administrative Quad. An elevator is available that can take visitors from the Administrative Quad to the library entrance. Handicap parking is located in Parking Lot A next to the library building.


Accessible restrooms are available on the 1st and 2nd floor of the library.


An elevator for library 1st and 2nd floor access is available in the back of the library near the Local History and Rare Books collections.

Desktop Computers

Accessible sit-down desktop computer stations are available in the back of the library on the 1st floor near Group Study Room 100.


Accessible printing stations are available on the library 1st floor.


Scanners have accessibility features including the options to scan as searchable PDF file (OCR) and scan text to mp3 audio file.

Study Areas

Accessible individual and group study spaces are available on the 1st and 2nd floors of the library. Accessible individual study carols have been labeled on end units in designated quiet study areas.

Accessibility Service Office & Testing

Accessibility Services is located on the 2nd floor of the library Room 202.

Web Accessibility

The SUNY Morrisville Library website adheres to the Accessibility Policy and Standards set by the campus Communications & Marketing team. SUNY Morrisville follows WCAG standards and regularly tests online interfaces. We are working towards universal access, but there may be some gaps. If you are unable to access an online resource due to a disability, please contact Adam Saunders, Online Learning Librarian.

External Websites and Applications

Library websites may link to websites and/or applications that are not part of the college’s domain. External websites and/or applications that are used to access college services, programs and/or activities by the public must be accessible.

In the event that the library receives notice that an external website or application used to access services, programs, and/or activities is not accessible, the library will contact the host of the external website to report accessibility issues and work toward their resolution; and will provide equally effective alternative access to the services, programs and/or activities until accessibility issues are resolved.

Library Databases

VPAT Statements

The inaccessibility of many library electronic resources makes providing equal access to information for all library users a difficult task. Purchasing and subscribing to inaccessible library e-resources goes against SUNY Morrisville Libraries' commitment to enhancing equitable environments for research, learning, and working. As part of the Libraries' commitment to equitable service and access to our patrons, we have tested all e-resources in our collection against the current Web Accessibility Standards (WAS) adopted by SUNY.