Gift Policy

We welcome monetary donations through the college's donation portal. Under the “Please direct my gift to” options select “Other” and type in Library in the “Please enter designation” textbox.

  1. Gift Acceptance

    Donations of books and other types of materials are considered to be "gifts in kind" and are welcomed by the SUNY Morrisville Library under the following conditions.

    1. The Library does not accept damaged, heavily soiled, foul smelling, or mold tainted items.
    2. Donors must make arrangements in advance for large gifts (more than 20 items) to ensure there is adequate space and staff time available to manage the gift.
    3. Disposition of the items is at the sole discretion of library staff. Gifts may be
      1. Added to the Collection
      2. Offered for free to campus community members or, as appropriate, the local public library
      3. Recycled if condition, age, or content of the item renders it useless
    4. We will only add donated items to our collection if the material meets the criteria set forth in our collection development policy.
    5. Since library shelf space is limited and we are not a research library, condition and currency as well as subject matter are factors in evaluating gifts.
    6. Gifts are received at the library; library resources are not available for transportation of gift materials.
  2. Gift Acknowledgement

    Upon request of the donor, gifts will be acknowledged with a letter of receipt.

    The Library does not provide a dollar valuation of gifts.

    In acknowledgement letters, the quantity of items that comprise the gift is specified either in number of titles if the donation is small or in number of boxes if it is large; e.g. 20 books or 10 boxes.

    We do not create special collections for gifts. If donated items are added to the Library’s collection, they are subject to future re-evaluation for de-selection.

    Donors wishing to make a gift in kind to the College Libraries can inquire at all Libraries service desks, where they will be asked to sign the College Libraries gift form, and assisted by the appropriate library staff member.

    Gifts in kind received directly from publishers are in de facto acceptance of this policy.

    Exceptions to this policy can be made at the discretion of the Director of Libraries.