Library Information Resource Reconsideration Policy

The library recognizes that free access to ideas and full freedom of expression are fundamental to the educational process. Accordingly, the library purchases materials that represent a wide variety of viewpoints, including materials that deal with controversial issues and topics. Selection of materials is guided by the library’s collection development policy and does not imply endorsement of the contents, or the views expressed in those materials. Ultimate responsibility for the library's collection rests with the library director.

Because opinions do differ, the library respects the right of individuals to question or challenge library materials. To this end, the library subscribes to and complies with the Intellectual Freedom Statements and Policies of the American Library Association, including but not limited to the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights.

SUNY Morrisville Library encourages individuals or groups questioning the appropriateness of material in the collection to fill out and submit a Reconsideration Form.

The Library Director, in consultation with the librarians, the Library’s Collection Development Policy, and other relevant material evaluations, will make a decision regarding the removal of the challenged material. The library director will send a written reply with determined outcomes, and procedures to retain or remove the challenged material to the person or group.