Annual Security Report

SUNY Morrisville fosters safe learning environments and trusting partnerships with students, employees, visitors, guests, conference groups, and event attendees on both the Morrisville and Norwich campuses. This communication is one part of the ongoing education and enforcement program related to drug and alcohol use, bias behavior, hazing, harassment, violence, sexual misconduct, and overall personal safety. SUNY Morrisville makes security information available to the community in electronic and print mediums including View Books, the Student Handbook, the Faculty/Staff Handbook, and the College computer network. The Annual Security Report [ASR] contains crime statistics, prevention and reporting policies, disciplinary procedures, and personal safety tips. The information can be viewed online by visiting the New York State University Police at SUNY Morrisville webpage. If you have questions, want to pick up a hard copy of the ASR, or request that a copy be mailed to you, please call 315.684.6070 or visit the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at SUNY Morrisville, which is located in the Helyar Hall Building, Morrisville, NY 13408. Orientation and ongoing programming efforts touch upon the topics described above as central to our education and enforcement program. In addition, our Library collection includes video materials which are highly recommended by the Clery Organization, Inc. A variety of resources and services are available to the College community through the EAP program, the Student Health and Counseling Services Center, and University Police.

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