Fire Safety

All students and guests are prohibited from intentionally or maliciously setting fires; falsely reporting a fire (a felony); discharging fire extinguishers without cause; tampering with safety or fire-fighting equipment; failing to immediately vacate a building at the sound of a fire alarm; hampering fire evacuation or investigation procedures; fastening stair doors, exit doors, or area doors in an open position; failing to keep corridors, stairwells, and public areas free of obstacles. Using  or possessing candles, oil warmers,  incense, flammable liquids or other items that produce burning embers or flames; using or possessing space heaters or halogen bulbs/lamps; using or possessing electrical appliances or tools with an open or exposed heating element other than those provided by MAC in apartments; using or possessing amplifiers or an excessive number of speakers, portable air conditioners or any, electrical devices lacking a UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) ratings; using electrical equipment in  a manner other than the designed use. Hanging items such as decorations from doors, windows or their frames in a manner that may impede exit; covering greater than 20% of any wall within a bedroom or common area; hanging items next to bed or above bed, and hanging objects from the ceilings is not allowed.  Covering fire system equipment, bringing “live cut" trees or shrubs (such as Christmas trees) or combustible decorations into residential facilities. Curtains must be flame resistant (per NFPA 701). Upholstered furniture must be flame resistant (labeled CAL 133). Extension cords, multi-plug adapters and plugging one power strip into another one (“piggy-backing”) are prohibited. Power strips must be UL approved, grounded, 3-prong, 12 or 14-gauge, and equipped with an over current surge protector.  Residents are permitted to have personal refrigerators in their bedrooms, provided the appliance is in good working condition with a capacity of 6 cubic feet or less, 110 volts, and 1.75 amperes or below. Cooking is prohibited in all student rooms/common areas other than in kitchen areas of Commons apartments where cooking is permitted under the following conditions: All appliances provided by MAC or brought in by residents are only to be used for their intended purposes. Stove, ovens and microwaves should NEVER be used when unattended. Residents who don’t use appliances in an appropriate manner may lose the use of MAC-furnished appliances or they may be directed to remove certain appliances. If the building manager/other College official deem any outside appliance or other item in a building to present a danger, residents may be asked to remove it immediately. The number of occupants at any time in a double-occupancy in any campus bedroom may not exceed 8. The number of occupants at any time in any single bedroom including those in apartments may not exceed 3. The number of occupants at any time in any bedroom or suite may not exceed the number of residents assigned to that living unit, plus two guests each.

Students that cover the smoke detectors in residential facilities will be charged with violating the Student Code of Conduct for Fire Regulations – Prohibited Acts and Endangerment.  These charges will be sanctioned accordingly and multiple violations could result in losing the privilege of living in campus provided housing.