All guests on Campus at any time must conform to all College regulations. Those who do not will be required to leave. In the event of law violation or noncompliance with a request to leave, he/she shall be considered a trespasser and University Police will be notified. A residence hall guest is any person other than a registered resident of the building in which that person is located [for any period of time] at all SUNY Morrisville residences. Guests must enter and exit college residences at the designated main door only. Guests must have a valid form of picture ID (driver’s license, school ID, etc.) in their possession while in any college residence. Permission must be secured from each resident of a room/apartment before a guest may remain. All guests must be registered after 11 p.m. regardless of whether they are staying overnight. An “overnight guest” is any person who is not a resident of residence hall and who visits/remains in the building between midnight and 7 a.m. regardless of whether they plan to sleep during the stay. Approved overnight guests must be registered in the staff Night Host Log and remain in possession of a properly issued guest pass for the duration of their stay. All overnight guests must complete their registration before midnight. Host and guests can seek a Resident Assistant or Resident Director to register an overnight guest in advance if they prefer. All non-residents must be escorted by a building resident at all times. At no time is a non-resident allowed to walk through any hallways, lounges, or other public areas of the building without being in the company of the host he/she is visiting. Overnight guests may not stay longer than two consecutive nights or five nights per month in the traditional residence halls, unless authorized by the Residence Director. In apartments, each guest is limited to two overnight visits with a resident within a 7-day period. The maximum number of overnight guests in any individual student room is limited to two. Guests under 16 years of age must be directly related to their host and must obtain permission from the Residence Director/ building manager prior to their arrival. At no time is it acceptable that a resident be deprived of sleep, privacy or study accommodations due to the presence of another’s guest. Students who are banned from SUNY Morrisville are not allowed to be on college property or any property owned or operated by the college, including residence halls. Residence Hall Directors/ building managers have full authority to limit guests in a room, reject guests, or evict guests, if in their judgment, the health and safety of students is being jeopardized and/or reasonable standards of behavior are being violated.