Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses/Missing Students

Chapter 22 of the Laws of 1999 of the State of New York establishes certain requirements for investigation of violent felonies and reporting of missing students on college campuses in New York State. "Missing Student" means any student of the College subject to the provisions of Section 355(17) of the New York State Education Law, who resides in a facility owned or operated by the College and who is reported to the College as missing from his or her residence. "Violent Felony Offense" means a violent felony offense as defined in Section 70.02(1) of the Penal Law of the State of New York.

Response and Investigation

Missing Student

When a report of a missing student is received by the College or the municipal police department, the receiving department will conduct a preliminary investigation in order to verify the complaint and to determine the circumstances which exist relating to the reported missing student. If the student's absence is verified, the incident will be reported and shared between departments. Both departments will continue the investigation to locate the missing student. If, after further investigation, the missing student is not located, both departments will determine the most efficient manner of continuing the investigation. In any event, information relating to any report of a missing student shall be shared by both parties no later than twelve (12) hours from the time of the initial report. If the missing student is located or returns to the College at any time after the matter has been reported, each party shall notify the other immediately.