Emergency Notification

When a current registered student is known to have been involved in an emergency [as determined by the College] on property owned or controlled by the College, the institution will attempt to notify the student’s specified emergency contact in a timely manner. In cases where such specific information is unavailable, other sources may be utilized to notify a contact. If non-directory information is needed to resolve an emergency, the college may release that information if it is determined “necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals.” Factors considered in making a decision to release such information include: (1) the severity of threat to health or safety; (2) the contact’s need for information; (3) the time required to deal with the emergency; (4) the ability of the contact to assist in dealing with the emergency. The College may disclose known information without student consent in order to communicate the student’s location, and how communication with the student might be achieved. During and after emergencies, entities from and beyond the College with specific knowledge of the emergency may also ask a student to sign a “Consent for the Release of Information form” before releasing information.