Bulletin Board/Posting Policy

Bulletin boards are available throughout the College for use by students, faculty, and staff to provide information relevant to the SUNY Morrisville community. Clubs, organizations, and individuals wishing to publicize programs, events, or items of interest throughout the College should receive prior permission from the Student Activities Office. Approved notices will be stamped and dated. Approved materials may be posted for up to one month. Posted materials should bear the name of the sponsoring party. In academic and administrative buildings, materials may be posted on general use bulletin boards only. Items may not be posted on departmental bulletin boards, walls, windows, displays, etc. In Residence Halls, materials may be displayed by Residence Life Staff in public areas with the approval of the appropriate Residence Hall Director or Building Manager. Examples of appropriate displays include holiday decorations, emergency notices, etc. Items not posted on bulletin boards should be secured with masking tape only. Solicitation and leafleting by off-campus commercial enterprises is prohibited. Unapproved or outdated materials will be removed by appropriate College personnel responsible for facilities. In order to post information targeted to specific audiences in certain locations, please also obtain permission from the appropriate offices listed below:

  • Student Activities, Athletic Facilities (Student Activities or Intramural/Open Recreation Offices)
  • Residence Halls (assigned Residence Hall Director)
  • Academic Buildings (School Dean’s Office)
  • Administration Building (Provost Office)
  • Dining Halls, Campus Store, Arena (Managers)
  • Library (Librarian)
  • Norwich Campus (Administrative Office)