SUNY Morrisville COVID Policy Sanctions

COVID Discipline

Student conduct is governed by the Student Code of Conduct and when the campus learns of a violation of the rules associated with COVID-19 safety, students will face disciplinary action.  Consistent with SUNY policy, students who are partially or completely removed from the institution due to a violation are not eligible for refunds.

Any student found in violation of the SUNY Morrisville COVID policies will be disciplined through the campus judicial system. The sanctioning details that follow are the minimum sanctions for a student with no other disciplinary history.

Failure to Comply with Campus Health Protocols: For students that fail to comply with the campus’s published Covid 19 policies and protocols.

1st violation Written Warning
2nd violation Campus Probation - 4 months and an Educational ResLife.Net Module
3rd violation College Probation - 4 months and an Education ResLife.Net Module COVID 19
4th violation Stayed College Expulsion - 6 months
5th violation Suspension from academic and/or housing access with continued access to their academic program via remote learning only (if available and as subject to campus policy and process), an academic and/or housing suspension, or permanent dismissal from the institution.

The college shall undertake disciplinary action to enforce compliance, including interim suspension, or administrative measures to electronically deactivate card access and restrict access to any buildings with the exception of access required to obtain health care services pursuant to campus policy.

If you have questions about conduct, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If you have questions about your health, please contact the Student Health Center.

Thank you for doing your part to follow all safety protocols, your compliance and care help to keep the SUNY Morrisville community healthy.