Standard of Conduct

SUNY Morrisville, in a compliant effort with the 1989 Drug-Free Schools and Community Amendment Act (U.S. Public Law 101-226), is committed to an environment that supports the academic success and the health of all students. The sale, purchase, distribution, possession and/or use of illicit drugs (defined below) or alcohol (except as permitted) is a violation of College regulations as well as State and Federal laws. Students and their guests are not allowed to possess or consume alcoholic beverages on College property or property operated for the benefit of the College. Exception to this policy is granted to the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation. Upon approval by the College President, Provost, or Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, alcohol may be served at College sponsored events or specifically approved student functions in the College restaurant, the Copper Turret. These functions must be serviced by the Auxiliary Corporation and operated in accordance with Federal, State and local laws under the license obtained by the Auxiliary Corporation.