Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities


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The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) promotes a campus climate where community members feel safe and secure in their environment to engage in their academic program of study and socialize in a safe and responsible manner.

The OSRR is responsible for communicating the College's behavioral expectation via enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct and other College Policies.  This is accomplished through the judicial system that is educational and progressive as it seeks to educate students about the consequences of their behavior by holding them accountable for the choices they make.  It is progressive in sanctioning in that students who continue to make poor choices and violate the Student Code of Conduct or College policies, regardless of severity, are held accountable and may be removed from the College community if deemed necessary.


  • To address student misconduct through a multi-partial, educational, judicial system.
  • To promote a positive, safe, and civil campus climate.
  • To treat students in a fair and respectful manner.
  • To educate the campus community on the Student Code of Conduct, judicial processes, and restorative justice processes.

SUNY Morrisville utilizes Maxient, a secure, web-based application for Case Management for administering the Campus Judicial Process. The application will send you important notifications. The emails will come from "" These are authentic emails from the application. They are not SPAM or phishing attempts. Please add them to your contacts so you won't miss any important updates. These notifications will come to your SUNY Morrisville email only.

In addition to a brief explanation, the body of the email will contain a link to your notification letter. You will access your letter through a login page, using your SUNY Morrisville username and password.

Once logged in to the Maxient portal, you can access your letter, which will be a PDF document. Print or download and save the letter for your records.  

Institutional Member of the Student Conduct Nstitute. Click to view our campus TIX training.