AP.10 Academic Minors

A minor is a course sequence within an area of study that provides a degree of specialization within that area, which can be a specialty within a discipline or a specialty integrating several disciplines. Minors are available to Bachelor degree seeking students only.

Minors are be designed to be completed within the same time-frame allowed for the completion of the baccalaureate degree. After matriculating in a major, students wishing to obtain a minor shall use the Academic Minor Request Form.

New York State and federal regulations stipulate that undergraduate students may receive financial aid only for courses that are required for their degree program.  Therefore, undergraduate students need to enroll in 12 credits or more of required coursework to maintain full-time status for New York State and federal student aid programs. Courses taken in completion of a minor that are not also required for the student’s declared major are not considered “required” for the student’s degree for purposes of financial aid. Coursework that solely satisfies a minor is not considered required for New York State and federal aid programs. The only exception is when a minor is included in an approved NYSED major.

Students must declare a minor prior to completing 105 degree credits required in their bachelor degree.

Curriculum Guidelines

  • Minors consist of a minimum of 15 credits, at least 6 credits of which will be upper-division (300 or 400-level) courses.  
  • A minimum of 9 credits of a minor shall be completed with courses taken at SUNY Morrisville.