ADMIN-107: Website Policy

Impact Area: SUNY Morrisville (Morrisville campus, Norwich campus, EOC)

Author: Communications & Marketing Dept. / Office of Website Design & Development

Policy Summary

Contact Information

Due to information security concerns, the posting of personal and/or institutional contact information on the public-facing website is prohibited.  This Website Policy can be overridden with approval from a department’s Cabinet Member, Vice President for Administration and Finance, and the Director of Technology Services. 

The following exceptions to this rule may apply:

  • Program Contact. Program coordinators wishing to have their institutional contact information published on the related program page may request to be listed if they are not already. The ‘Program Contact’ field is restricted to two faculty members, one primary (or Morrisville campus) and one secondary (or Norwich campus).
  • Anywhere individual contact information may be required by law.
  • Recruitment Agents for the college. It is standard in higher education to have the Admissions team names and contact information listed on the college website to external audiences for recruitment purposes. 

All campus departments wishing to have an email address published on the website must request a departmental email address from Technology Services. This will be listed on Office/Department entity pages as well as in the Contact Information section of basic pages.


Personal contact information is defined as any phone number or email address not assigned by the college upon the start of employment. This includes personal cell phone numbers and email addresses provided by third parties such as Gmail or Microsoft Live.

Institutional contact information consists of an individual’s office phone number 315.684.XXXX on the Morrisville campus, or 607.334.XXXX on the Norwich campus) and email address.

Departmental contact information is a centralized email and/or phone number by which a member of the public can contact a given office or department. A departmental phone number may route through a phone tree or be answered directly by a staff member. A departmental email address must be a generic address, such as, that references the department name rather than the individual user. This may be a shared mailbox set up by Technology Services, but the management thereof is up to the individual departments.

Content Approval

All content submitted to the SUNY Morrisville website, either directly or via the request portal, will be subject to review for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and style compliance prior to publishing. This includes text, documents, images, and video content submitted for hosting.

General Content Approval

General Content is defined as content housed on any non-Program page not pertaining directly to an academic program. It will be assumed that General Content changes have been approved by the Content Owner, so long as the submitter is a member of the associated department. Basic spelling and grammar corrections do not require approval from the Content Owner.

Academic Content Approval

Academic Content is defined as content, housed in the body of a given Program page, pertaining to the functionality of SUNY Morrisville’s academic programs. Unless already given, updates to such content require the notification of and approval from all the following parties:

  • the Chair of the division in which the program resides
  • the Dean for the school in which the program resides
  • the college registrar

When changes to this content are submitted, either via the request portal or directly on the website, the approval process will proceed as follows:

  1. Website Design & Development will review the changes for Web Content Accessibility Group (WCAG) and style compliance within two days of the initial request.
  2. If issues are found, Website Design & Development will contact the Content Editor by email or ticket comment requesting that they correct the content.
  3. Once issues are corrected, or if none are found, changes will be sent via email to Academic Approvers (a.k.a. Content Owners) for approval.
  4. Academic Approvers should review the proposed changes and reply via email to indicate whether the content is approved as-is, or additional changes need to be made.
  5. Approved content may be forwarded to editors from the Office of Communications & Marketing to be edited for writing style, grammar, and punctuation.
  6. Finalized content will be published by Website Design & Development.

Depending on content length and approver response time, the complete timeframe between initial review and publishing may vary.

Content Editor Training

Content Editors are defined as SUNY Morrisville employees who have attained the Editor permission level for editing the website. Content Editors are responsible for:

  • Periodically reviewing existing content pertinent to their program or department.
  • Updating outdated content.
  • Composing content for new pages, including event listings, or gathering the content from other members of their department.
  • Making required changes to content to comply with accessibility and style requirements.

Faculty and staff wishing to become Content Editors must meet specific training requirements, then apply for access via the Communications & Marketing request portal.

Training Requirements

Before any user can be granted access to edit the SUNY Morrisville website, they must first complete two training exercises:

  1. Web Accessibility Training
  2. Content Management System (CMS) User Training

Completion of the two training modules is defined as having achieved a score of 100 percent on each module’s proficiency exam. The training requirement has been waived for faculty members only wishing to post class cancellations.

Access Requests

Requests for access to edit the SUNY Morrisville website will only be accepted via the Communications & Marketing request portal. Website Design & Development will then verify that any required training has been completed prior to granting access.

Website Content

Main website content may be updated by entering a ticket in the Communications & Marketing request portal, or directly by Content Editors using the content management system (CMS). All content submitted to the SUNY Morrisville website, either directly or via the online request portal, will be subject to review for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and style compliance prior to publishing. This includes text, forms, documents, images, and video content submitted for hosting. Please note that responsibility for reviewing and updating outdated content falls on the Content Owner, typically the department that initially provided the content.

Basic Page Contacts

All department-owned basic pages must be associated with their owner via the Contact Information entity reference field. This field can only contain offices or departments listed in the office directory. Individual or personal contact information cannot be used in this field.


Events should be submitted to the website calendar as soon in advance of the event as possible. Event listings must include a title, description, date, time, and location. Events may be promoted to the home page at the discretion of the Office of Communication & Marketing. In order to be eligible for this type of promotion, the event listing must contain banner and thumbnail images.

Hosted Documents

Documents uploaded to the website must be in PDF format and adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for PDFs. Users are responsible for ensuring that their documents meet accessibility and brand guidelines. Website Design & Development reserves the right to deny or defer requests to post non-compliant documents until all issues have been corrected.