ADMIN-112: Facility Use Policy

Impact Area: SUNY Morrisville (Morrisville campus, Norwich campus)

Author: VP for Administration and Finance

Policy Statement

SUNY Morrisville facilities and resources are available for use by faculty, students and campus organizations for educational, cultural, recreational, and internal organizational activities that are in support of the mission of the College.  Use of facilities or equipment for personal business is not allowed under any circumstances.

Campus facilities are also available for non-College, non-commercial (external) organizations, so long as those events do not conflict with institutional priorities or adversely impact the University’s resources. External groups and organizations must work directly with the campus department responsible and Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation for the requested resource/facility to determine availability, applicable fee schedule and authorization for use through a Revocable Permit process.


Facilities – University controlled (owned or leased) land, structures, buildings, equipment, and furniture.

Full-time equivalent days – a period equal to eight hours.

Non-commercial organizations – non-commercial organizations shall be deemed to include:

  • Federal, state or local governmental units, departments and agencies;
  • Business, charitable, civic, community, cultural, educational, entertainment, industrial, labor, political, professional, recreational and religious organizations, operating on a not-for-profit basis and whose activities are consistent with and in furtherance of university purposes.

Occasional Users – those non-commercial organizations using facilities for an equivalent of not more than 29 full-time equivalent days during a state fiscal year, and which do not involve any construction upon, or modification of, University facilities.

Other Users – those non-commercial organizations using facilities for an equivalent of 30 or more full-time equivalent days during a state fiscal year, or which involve any construction upon, or modification of, University facilities.

President – each campus president or the president’s written designee, or, for system administration facilities, the chancellor or the chancellor’s written designee.

Policy Procedures

Revocable Permits:

Revocable permits are required for short-term (one year or less) or occasional use of SUNY Morrisville’s facilities by non-commercial and non-University (external) organizations. A Revocable Permit is an agreement that provides the terms and conditions for use of campus facilities by an external group or organization. For use that is expected to exceed one year, the organization/user should contact the Business Office to determine if a long-term agreement would be more appropriate.

An applying organization must agree to follow campus policies related to agreements as well as SUNY established policies for use of state facilities by non-commercial organizations by submitting a completed Revocable Permit packet including all required liability insurance to the Business Office.

Revocable Permits that are expected to exceed a value of $25,000, require review and approval from the State Comptroller’s and Attorney General’s Offices. Please allow a minimum of 3-6 months for review/approval at this level.

Insurance Requirements for Revocable Permits:

All external groups must secure appropriate liability insurance coverage naming SUNY Morrisville as the additional insured.  The insurance is required to meet the following minimums (subject to change): 

  • General Liability insurance in the amount of one million ($2,000,000) dollars Each Occurrence,
  • Two million ($2,000,000) dollars General Aggregate
  • Insurance must remain in effect throughout the term of the permit

The college will not finalize the approval process until a liability certificate has been received meeting these requirements.

Eligible Non-Commercial External Users of Campus Facilities:

  • Non-profit educationally oriented associations and organizations
  • Non-profit religious organizations
  • Local, County, State and University agencies and organizations
  • Organizations that by meeting on campus will enhance the relationship between the University and the Community, or which enhance the educational mission of the University.
  • Organizations which provide a community service and which in their use of university facilities do not compete with area businesses.

Any non-commercial, non-University organization requesting use of campus facilities for an event that is predominantly attended by non-College participants will require a Revocable Permit. Those attending as invited guests of the College to participate in a university sponsored event will not require a Revocable Permit.

Use of campus facilities by other NY State agencies will not require a Revocable Permit or liability insurance but the issuance of a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, will be necessary. Agencies are asked to work directly with the campus department responsible for the requested facility to determine availability, applicable fee schedule and request an MOU process through Procurement & Payment Services.

Sports Camps: Any camp which instructs campers and is not sponsored by the Athletic Department of SUNY Morrisville will require a Revocable Permit. The camp must have its own liability insurance and must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance when applying for a Revocable Permit.

External organizations that are not affiliated with or endorsed by SUNY Morrisville may not use the SUNY Morrisville name in any advertising.

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